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  1. Here's the premise for a plot bunny that Ocha, Darkness, Kai and I came up with. If anyone's interested, just follow the link at the bottom to the OOC.

    Arcane Fracture: The Dark Dawn

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    The world, as it was before, has ended.

    The skies are dark, the land is barren save for hardy shrubs and much of the world's ties to the Æther, the source of all magic, has been severed. Men and beasts alike toil endlessly, if only to live for a single day more. Magicians, blamed for the misfortune that maimed the world, are exiled, ostracized and executed mercilessly. Other magical creatures, like the Fae and the Dragonkin have retreated from the world. Others like the Orcs, Ogres and other more barbaric creatures have turned downright monstrous, relentlessly hunting Elfkin and Mankind as a source of easy food.

    It all began with one man with a grand ambition. Fenris the Bane, as he has gone down in the annals of history, was the notorious leader and general that lead the Queln Empire's conquest of numerous nations through the use of war magic. Yet the great general was bound to meet his match. For days, the battle raged on the plains that surrounded the capital city, stronghold and citadel of the Lynel Kingdom. The ground was stained crimson, the stench of burning flesh filled the air, and all around, there was an almost palpable thrum of magic being wielded in increasingly elaborate ways.

    After nine days of getting nowhere, Fenris called upon the pooled power of his entire legion of battlemagi. In a final, desperate bid for victory, he and his court of magicians called forth from the heavens a rain of burning rock. It quickly became apparent that the spell had gone out of control when only moments after the incantation, the entire world's skies wept fire and brimstone. Amidst the screams of unfortunate mortals caught out in the inferno, the tremendous magics unleashed created a powerful arcane backlash that not only affected nearly all of the world's magical population, but also severed almost all ties of the world to the Æther.

    Wizards who had only moments ago been fit as fiddles dropped to the floor dead. They had it easier than others who fell to their knees, screaming in excruciating agony, unleashing all sorts of uncontrolled magic before the life was finally, mercifully, seized from their spent bodies.

    This is how the world ended. How a world once teeming with life became a barren, inhospitable wasteland. Now, thirty years from the cataclysm, the dregs of society are only just beginning to rebuild. What no one realizes, is that the magic so extremely abhorred by any and all who remember the events of that fateful day, is much more vital to the world than they think.

    Your task, whether you know it or not, is to restore magic, to restore life to the dead world.

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