Fantasy Apocalyptic RP?

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  1. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now. The basic plot I have so far is this:

    For generations the land of [???] has been plagued with a deadly mist. Humanity survives in small villages scattered throughout the land protected by the Shrines of [???]. These shrines provide a small blanket of magic which prevents the mist from entering the villages. Although their exact mechanisms are not known, it is universal knowledge that they work of what the people call “Shards of [???]”. These crystals, depending on their size, are used as a source of energy for these shrines lasting about two years. To perform this dangerous task, the villages send out a group labeled the “Caravanners” to retrieve shards every two years. They generally consist of those who are more resistant to the mist and even with this genetic advantage, most do not survive the trip.

    Two ways I thought the plot could go were:
    1. This year, the shrines fail to ward off the mist.
    2. Regular journey to find the shards.

    Keep in mind it's a really rough idea right now, I'd love to hear any feedback! If this gets any traction I'll work on fleshing out an OOC (I'll probably do it even if it doesn't too ho ho).
  2. I like the idea. Need to set up a time period though so you know what kind of weapons your dealing with. And where they'd be looking for the shards
  3. I agree with Jamie. A time period would really place things in a bit of a context.

    Also you can even try combining the two plot ideas. A quest to find a replacement shard goes awry for some reason (this could be a villian, betrayal or just outright inadequacy) and the town is left defenceless. More things happen like people die obviously and characters might seek revenge or need to find a new safe haven with the remaining people. Very open ended plot really :P
  4. Perhaps if the place where they usually find the shards suddenly disappears. (Like a cave they collected them from caved in or something) and they went on a search for a new shard well if you will
  5. Oooh, thanks for the ideas guys.
    The time period would be far enough into the future for a once technologically advanced world to degenerate back to medieval state. I guess that'd be medieval time setting in a sense. There would be remnants of the "old" civilization but few would know how to use them.
    I've been thinking about magic as well, seeing how most fantasy RPs have a magic system in place and I thought - maybe the ancient technology could be considered "magic" in a way? Only a select few would be able to understand and use the tech. It was either that or magic strictly through the use of tomes.

    I think it would be best to leave the plot open ended so the players' actions would dictate which direction it goes. I liked the idea of combining both plot lines as well.

    I'll probably make an OOC soon, just fleshing out the settings. Keep an eye out for it if you're interested and thanks for the input! :)
  6. The tech being magic has great potential! I mean, depending on you and exactly how far in the future you are, it could be a number of things. Perhaps plasmids or vigors like in the Bioshock series. Maybe there are still stray bottles or in some way the current people inherited it genetically. There could even be things like an Iron man type gauntlet that shoots flames. Or even armor like exoskeletons. Admittedly they might be really rare or not working due to no power source. Something more minimalistic could be bracelets or necklaces with micro chips in. If you'd like things more magical it could instead contain splinters of the shards.

    You should definitely post the OOC link here. I'll certainly be watching.
  7. Speaking of inheriting things genetically. The mist is toxic to most people right? What if the characters are the only ones immune to it and they have some "extra" abilities. I'd personally love a set of bone claws like Wolverine before he upgraded xD
  8. I once ran a stat based RP a lot like this (apocalypse in a future world degraded civilization to medieval era, and future tech was the best weapon type, but only certain classes (like cybernetically augmented Fates and mechanic Tinkerers) could use it well, so I'm interested. I especially love the "tech is magic" idea, even more so if there's in universe superstitions surrounding them. Maybe the things that keep the mist at bay are actually machines that spread some invisible substance through the air that the mist can't get through, and the shards are a futuristic power source that can last a long time in smaller devices (but only a couple years in large, complicated ones like mist-warders), which would explain tech we find still being functional.

    I also like the idea of a mix of the two plots--something happens to the normal supply of shards and we have to, say, venture into a collapsed future city to find more. Maybe the genetic immunity to the mist would be the result of a vaccine that was too little too late in the future-past civilization?
  9. Yes! I love the idea of the shards being power sources for the tech.
    I did intend to have the shrines be from the older civilization. I'm still working on the OOC, onto worldbuilding and all that now.
    I don't know if I want any character to be completely immune to the effects of the mist but partial immunity is something I'm fine with.

    I was wondering, would you guys like to know everything behind the scenes or would it be better to reveal the "plot twist" IC? I have an idea concerning the origins of the mist and the disappearance of the old civilization and I'm not sure how to get feedback on it without ruining the surprise (if it even is one. ha.)

    Magic-wise I'm seeing support for tech so tech it'll be. Bone claws could be something gained from drinking potions and such and I'll be borrowing Cahill's idea of things like exoskeletons for offensive magic. There wouldn't be a whole lot of support for magic, as they share power sources with the shrines along with other beliefs. If anyone wants to help me expand on these things/any other things, feel free to chip in. :)

    Plot-wise it seems you guys want to mix them both together. I have another idea for plot but it's part of the twist I was talking earlier about and I don't know if you guys would prefer me tell you to get feedback or to keep you in the dark.
  10. You should keep it a secret in my opinion; we only need the primary details of the setting to play, and whether it turns out to be a legitimate surprise or not, I think it's something that would be fun to find out by RPing.
  11. This idea piques my interest. Things may be tweaked later, but for now, I think it's something good to start on. If it's okay, I would totally be into joining in on this.
  12. Okay, I've made a rough OOC here:
    I'll work on making it pretty later :>
    Remember, just because it's an OOC thread doesn't mean things can't be changed. I'll still take any ideas into consideration and also clear up any questions you guys might have.
  13. That is one of the most detailed OOCs I've ever seen. Awesome. I'll make a CS soon
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