Fantasy anyone?

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  1. I don't have a plot in mind quite yet but I'm open to ideas. If anyone has a plot they want to try let me know.

    I like anything except fanficion. I am not very good at it and I haven't been a good fan of it. Otherwise I'm ok for anything else.

    Right now I'm not in the mood for smut...sorry...
  2. I am interested and welcome. I am new also. :)
  3. welcome, welcome!!! I'm glad. First question I have you have any fantasy idea's you have been wanting to do for a while?
  4. I'm interested, I mostly do smut but it would be a good relaxation from all the smuttiness. I do have a couple of ideas and if you are interested PM me and I'll send you my ideas
  5. it seems that I can't PM least I don't know how to PM. I keep getting a message that states that I don't have access to that part of Iwaku yet...
  6. we can discuss on here. It took me a while to get permission, if you post alot then they will let you I think.
  7. Sounds good to me, hopefully I'll be able to PM soon...

    Alright, what would you like to RP about? I'm open and ready to listen. :)
  8. Can you recieve PM's??
  9. I can get new messages. I think that's PMing here but I've been to a website where PM's and messages are two different things...I'll go with
    Yes though. :)
  10. K. I will send you my ideas and you can comment on here the ones you like. :)