Fantasy and Love Triangles

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  1. I have this idea where a human girl gets taken by the ruler of another world where all mythical creatures/demons/monsters or whatever you can think of live. He did this because he wants the inhabitants to learn about the human ways so they can get along better and live in unison. Once this girl comes and starts to teach the people, they begin to learn about this thing called LOVE.

    This is where all the love triangles come in. I was thinking of it being mostly a comedy/romance, so everyone starts falling for each other and the sorts like that. For example, someone liking two people, or someone likes one person but that person likes another and all that good stuff. Or a sort of harem/reverse harem between characters. Males and female characters would be included in it all.
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  2. That's... Interesting. Keep me posted.
  3. I would join in.
  4. I would like to join please~
  5. Yay! Then I think I will start making it.
  6. It sounds interesting. Am I too late to join?
  7. I'm so glad you guys are interested. I will be putting up the official sign-up thread next week. It would be nice to get it over the weekend, but I will be busy so expect it to come next week. I will put the link up on this thread as well. Then, anyone is open to join it.
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  8. Sounds good to me.
  9. I would love to join too! :D
  10. More people. This is going to be super fun
  11. I agree.
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  12. I think my first character will be a super sexy wolf anthro ^^
  13. Just say werewolf. Sounds better for a fantasy setting. >.>
  14. Werewolf doesn't really express it
  15. ... When your right, your right. My apologies.
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  16. No apology needed :3 what character do you plan on using?
  17. Good question. I'll get back to you. Probably a dragon or wolf, though.

    Realized after I said it what your name was xP
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  18. My second character will be dragon, neko or a fox. Haven't decided yet xP
  19. While I'm not sure if this is quite something I'd join, the idea does sound incredibly funny. If it were the premise of a show or something, I'd watch it. So, I'll probably at least keep an eye on things, if you guys don't mind.
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  20. I'll probably have a were-dragon. Or maybe a fawn.
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