Fantasy Aerial Combat Campaign

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  1. Ever wanted to soar with a squadron of giant eagle riding warriors? Take a dragon out for a spin? Win the war with your wizardly magical powers? Maybe even captain an arcane dirigible, set to drop bombs on the enemy or aid to your allies? Well HERE is how!

    I am designing a world, one where to get from place to place, the only way to do it is through flight. Humans, elves, trolls, and all manner of fantastical races vie for dominance in the wartorn skies of Feru'ahwei. In the roleplay, you will be able to select your place in the battles to determine the fate of nations.

    This will be a points-based character generation system, run in chat when I am able to GM, and focused on military campaigns. The players will work for nations, fly their mounts in battles, and face real and lethal danger thousands of feet above what ground exists in this struggling world.

    With points, you can buy mounts, magical powers, special equipment, and a host of other perks. Of course in the spirit keeping things balanced, things like dragon-mounts, wealth, and certain items and weapons will cost more than others.

    Characters will start out as recruits, death will be (for the very most part) permanent, and desertion will be met with the gravest of consequences. Characters are expected to make a FANTASY MILITARY style character, suitable for a game based around aerial combat. Characters must declare and alliance to a nation, or be a mercenary. No freelancer characters, lone wolves, or 'super special snowflakes' will be allowed. Please think of ORIGINAL character concepts and do NOT include things from copyrighted work.

    If you are interested please let me know and we can see what we can work out. I do not expect to be ready for this for at least a month or two.