Fantasy Adventure anyone?

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  1. Okay so I'm new to this website and am not quite sure if I'm doing this right, but I'll post this plot info here and see if anyone is interested. I'm also looking for roleplayers for other genres and I do have other plots in mind, just ask! My roleplay resume is filled out and everything. Just know beforehand, that I only play female characters, I type at least two to three paragraphs, and romance is very much expected.
    So here goes nothing:

    Prince X Mercenary -- My character, a female mercenary, is hired to help guard the palace along side the King's Guard and others during the week coming up until the crown prince's coronation. The day of the ceremony, during a celebration among the high society, a coup happens as a power-hungry noble tries to take over the throne. My character stumbles upon said prince who manages to squirm away from the chaos and may or may not know who he is (I'd prefer if she didn't in the beginning so we can add some extra drama for when she finds out, but that's up to you) and they journey around the kingdom and beyond to try and gain power and influence and allies to restore balance the throne and kingdom as a tyrant rules. I'd love for this to be an epic adventure involving royal politics, war, pirates and sailing, and sword fighting, and possibly magic/magical creatures like dragons and mermaids and whatever else!

    Also, like I said, I'm up for other roleplays too! Just ask and I can share some ideas or you can share yours!