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    Background for Plot:
    Somewhere, on a different plain of existence, there lies another world very similar to ours. In it, there exists great nations with greatly detailed and intricate histories that none, not even the most wise or edified know of in their entirety, but many suspect there is much more to them than is known, just as in our world. Great empires have risen and fallen. Many different peoples have prospered and despaired, just as we have. This other world has great and bountiful natural beauty, only being rivaled by the world that we call our home. This world also has great diversity just as ours does, with peoples of very different backgrounds and beliefs call this world home. This is just the beginning of all there is of this magnificent other world, known as Cereldia.

    Although Cereldia is quite similar to our world, it is bound to an extraordinarily different set of laws and realms of possibility. This is highlighted by one major thing. This world contains magic, of the literal kind, the kind spoken of in fairy tales and legends in our world, the kind that we only dream of it. Those who devoted their lives to the study and practice of magic became known as mages. There are also those who are greatly adept with the art of magic became known as archmages. Then there were those mages who are known for their great wisdom and bravery, along with awesome amounts of power and skill are granted the title of Sage.

    These mages did many great deeds for the peoples of Cereldia, but many of them soon began to realize that if mages cooperated with each other, that deeds of much greater magnitude could be accomplished. Those who realized this began forming alliances, coalitions, and guilds of mages, of which the term guild would later be coined as their official classification. These mages then accomplished even greater feats than they had before, attracting the attention of the feudal lords who ruled the land.

    One of these lords realized that magic could be used as a great and powerful weapon in both military and political matters. He soon added a magical division to his army, of which the other lords soon followed suit, leading to a magical arms race on a massive scale. This soon got out of hand, as the lords were putting massive amounts of resources into this magical arms race, and because of that, commoners suffered and grew restless day by day. Out of fear that there would soon be a rebellion, The Seven lords of Cereldia called the summit of the year 336, including all of the lords, their more influential vassals at the time and many of the sages of the time. They all knew that this arms race needed to stop in order to prevent revolutions from starting throughout Cereldia, so they all agreed that the magical divisions of the military of each nation needed to be cut to bring upon the return of order. They also found that the magical world needed to have a governing body to regulate it before things got out of control once more.

    The Lords wished for magic to be regulated and governed by individual nations, but the sages pointed out that what attempt that had been previously made had failed miserably up to that point, and wished for a single international organization to regulate magic. While the lords saw the point of the sages, they still wanted to have an influence in the magical world, as magic was vital to their very way of life, and made this point clear to the sages. The sages responded by allowing the individual nations to regulate to a certain point, but under the proposed "Magic Council". They also said that each nation would have to house outposts and a regional HQ for the Magic Council. The lords agreed upon the plan, but asked who would be on this Magic Council. They were given the response that seven sages would preside over the magic council, with one sage coming from each nation. The lords temporarily objected, protective of power as they were, but soon caved in to completed proposition of the sages. Soon after this summit, the magical divisions of each nation’s military were cut, and the Magic Council was formed, restoring the stability of Cereldia once again.

    This tale yet to be told is set more than 300 years after the summit of 336, starting in the year 652. After such a long period of relative peace, the world is on the brink of change in earthshaking proportions, how will you leave your mark?

    • You will be playing any role you want in this magical fantasy world that you want to, you could be an adventuring wizard, a simple wandering mercenary, an ambitious count or duke, or even a shop-keep. You're free to be righteous and just, crazy and villainous, or any where past or between those extremes.
    • You may play as almost any race, as long as it is approved by a GM personally.
    • This RP will involve violence and gore, but nothing too excessive or often.
    • Caution, there will be player death
    • I will allow no overly active and explicit intimacy. (You can have relationships, but if you want to go too far, take it to PMs)
    • No one liners, a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs per post will be in place.
    • Posting requirements will be a minimum of once or twice per week, but may have increased pace, as the most ideal posting rate would be at least every other day, and at times daily.

    Magic in this world is heavily inspired by the magic that is shown in the anime series fairy tail, but is by no means the exact same system. It allows for freedom in powers and well-paced fights.

    If enough interest is generated, I shall provide much more in-depth info for those who wish to join.
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  2. i am interested in joining so you have one person joining lol also if you need a co gm i can help out. Not saying no need one im just offering my assistance if needed.
  3. Depending on how many players this gets, I might just have to take you up on that offer. Also, I like that sig of yours.
  4. I like the way your story develops up to the point were the roleplay start. You got my interest and atention but this would be an rp with a focus for lots of simultaneous groups and adventures right? Just wondering, but either way I already got two possibilities for characters depending how many people end up getting in. Aknowledge though I am not a big fan of fairy tail, my knowledge is basic and limited when it regards to it.
  5. @Kingofheart yes, this RP does have the focus to be on simultaneously operating groups, honestly I hope it potentially develops into a complete universe role play, maybe even getting it's own site at some point, but that's merely a fantasy. The mention of fairy tail was just the first decently popular work of fiction that shared a magic system similar to the one I shall be using, so no knowledge of Fairy Tail will be necessary, I was just giving a reference point for the magic system.
  6. This sounds like a pretty neat rp to join in, I'm interested ^^
  7. @Robin man Thanks for the Interest!

    I'll start releasing more info once there's about 5 people with interest.
  8. I take interest.

    So ye lookin' for 8 to start? 8 is a big number, that's 2 less than ten...
  9. Thanks for the interest, @Crow.

    If you look at it a different way, I'm already halfway to eight before the banner ad is even in the rotation.
  10. your welcome man, also thanks. And my offer will always stand. Also i agree we are half way there to 8 once the add is in rotation we will start to get more views and more interests.
  11. I'll try to get the OOC up once we get a fifth interest here.
  12. I'm interested :D this is really well thought out, by the way. It's awesome~
  13. Oh boy, this looks fun xD
  14. I await.
  15. Hey, I'm interested!
  16. An amalgamation of creative writing, free reign in magical roleplaying archetypes, and inspiration from Fairy Tail? Consider my interest peaked.
  17. Yo yo yo, I be bumpin' this. Do you feel a chill up your spine?


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