Fantastical Partner Search {MxF, looking for M}

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  1. Hello all! And welcome to my fantastical partner search. Please allow me to introduce myself.

    I am timber., and I am a fun outgoing girl who enjoys all things adventurous and magical. Most of my plots will involve some sort of fantasy element, as that is what I prefer, but I am always open to new things. I prefer slightly more smut than plot, but would still like a fair deal of plot involved in my role plays. I will not role play over pm, only over thread. I generally only play female characters, but can be both dom and sub.

    Elf Warrior x Elf Prince
    Daughter x Father
    Faerie x Human
    Master x Slave
    Cop x Rave Girl

    LEt me know if your interested, or if you have an open role play you think I would be interested in.
  2. A Few More Pairings:

    Elf Princess x Elf Warrior
    Empress x Prince
    Gaurdian x Person of Great Power
  3. Hi, Im intrested, can PM you?
  4. Of course!