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Hi! So. Um. Yeah, the title says it all. It will be a fandom of the Fantasia series, written by the loving AzureXTwlight <3 ((Though I'm not using Maiden's Rhapsody, sorry.))

~ Long, long ago, in a relatively normal world, there lived a girl named Cheryl. This girl was lonely, attending school every day, however, had been living as she mourned the death of her family by plane crash. One day, a woman dressed in white with bright blonde hair approached the lonely girl, and sent her to a magical world, where she was no longer alone. There, she was to collect something called a 'heart' key, in order to slay the Demon Lord. There were four candidates; A blood Thirsty assassin, a cast aside elf, an isolated and lonely boy, and finally, a man who had lost the will to love. Originally, Cheryl had fallen for the assassin, after he had showed her kindness. However, as time went on, she was slowly falling for the Demon Lord, the man who had lost the will to love. After helping him, pestering him, bothering him, and getting teased, she had succeeded. However, as a result, he ended up dying himself, as he told her that there was no way they would be able to be together. A couple months later, he suddenly reappeared, a miracle, they call it. He turned the girl into an immortal long before, as she was waiting for him. The Demon Lord stepped down from his name, and had a child with Cheryl, who would soon be known to be named as Valen.

~ Valen, an immature, spoiled, and naive immortal born from the Demon Lord, and Life goddess. Cheryl had inherited the position, after the previous one had stepped down. A war had broken out, causing many to suffer and die, also giving a being called 'Thanos' more energy. Oswald, the Ex-Demon Lord, was tasked to keep the being in check. However, one day, a male had emerged from the depths of hell, literally, in order to find the family. His name was Cain, a lone demon made by Oswald personally to become the best there ever was, and will be. Cain had sworn eternal loyalty to the family, however, was always teasing Valen. In truth, Valen had lost her memory of Cain, who had fallen in love with her when they were young children. After a series of events, they were tasked with refilling the Blue Orb, a sacred item that is able to store memories and power, and return it to the original holder. This item as used to revive Oswald, something Cheryl had used long ago. However, since then, it had lost it's divine light...

Valen and Cain both set off on the adventure, eventually, both ended up dating during the trip after Valen had regained her memories. With them, accompanied the Prince of the Kingdom in the Southern Desert, Nazim; and the sheltered, womanizer prince of the north, Klavios, and some other children of the characters from the previous game, along with happy go lucky nomad, Volg, and another half named Cyrus. They were attacked on the ship by a demon named Shea, only for Cain to protect her. After another long journey (And gambling) they continued their journey, eventually reaching the area where Thanos resided. Thanks had defeated Cheryl, possessing Oswald's body and using it as a medium. By transforming Cain into a hell raiser, they were able to defeat Thanos at the cost of Cain temporarily losing his sanity. Not wanting to kill Cain, Valen tried her best to being his sanity back and transform him back. After some convincing, Cain returned with Valen, and they got married however, did not have a child.

* Now, 30 years after Thanos had been defeated and all, war is still breaking out. No one knows why, but there is an unknown entity lurking around in towns, the mere presence causing havoc and an outbreak of bad luck. It's been causing ill emotions. As of now, it has consumed the current king, Klavios' mind, bringing poverty to the commoners, and riches to the nobles. The immortal family is no where to be found, and demons are suddenly attacking merchants and traders! It's time for a new group to form up, and defeat this darkness. Will they stop it temporarily? Will they seal it forever?

There will be betrayals.
Blood shed.
However in the midst of that, could you possibly, even just slightly find hope in a world where all is dark?
The doubt is strong however..

I welcome you to prove me wrong.
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