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  1. Tbh, I'm actually more Ekaterina than Lucian. Maybe I'm some sort of half-blood?
  2. Dang! I still have to wait.
  3. Aeleosir came hard, the orgasm was strong and happened around the same time she hit her climax. His grown was louder then usual and his cum flowed into her insides, and their bodily liquids mixed inside her. When her hole pulsed, his member seemed to be pulsing against it, resulting in more pleasure then he thought he would get out of her. He glided his hands down her back back he humped her back, making the pleasure she was bringing better then any partner he had ever had sex with. Aeleosir kissed her neck passionately, then kissed her lips a few times as he continued to thrust into Mars' body. He ran his hands in her hair, and kissed her breasts. At this point he had almost completely forgotten that Lilith was there, and his focus was almost completely on Mars.