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  1. yes i have been reading alot of fan fics its not funny becuase now i am writing some which is fun and now i want to do an rp -.- thats the thing. so one i do FxM MxM two my gremmer/spelling is not the best becuase my kobo dose not have spell cheak or grammer cheak

    the fan fics that is in my head right now and i want to do
    ROTG (dont know what it stands for do ask -.-) ****
    Bakugan (XD sorry i am a little kid at haert)***
    Black Cat (<3)**
    FMA ***
    there is more but i forgot them

    * ok
    ** great
    *** amzing
    **** <3
    ***** oo i love you if you if you rp with me on this
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    But can I be a child?
    ROTG please!!

    Second: I usually play F if that's okay.. If not, sorry.
    Have a good day!
  3. O.O you-you know it omg ok lets go. *start crying* this is the first time i know someone who knows Rotg stands for
  4. I think I do. =) Just to be sure (please don't get mad if I'm wrong) Is it based of a movie? A particularly newer one?
  5. yes it is i went to see it with my friends as a ferwell moive becuse i left to a difrent prov. when it was done i called it our movie XD funny thing was we were the only older kids there XD there wher kids to the ages 4-7.

    im going to pm you alright X)
  6. kk. Yay! I think I know it right X)
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Not open for further replies.