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  1. Hey all, I'm quite new here so I suppose I'll tip my toes in the pool.

    I'm looking for roleplayers willing to collaborate on several fan projects. I have many projects in the works, but never the willpower or motivation to complete them on my own. However I've found that I'm much faster and comfortable writing with somebody else.

    I have projects in mind in the following fanbases:
    The Lion King
    Alpha and Omega
    Robin Hood (1973)
    Ice Age

    I'm happy to have a short taster RP beforehand so me and said RPer can get a sense of each other's styles.
  2. Hello,

    What are your ideas for The Lion King and Alpha/Omega?
  3. For The Lion King I have two or three projects I'd like to work on. Of course I'll give anyone who helps due credit.
    - A rewrite of the first film, with roughly the same length as the original. Plot has been changed but the main course of the film is roughly the same. The plot is almost finished and I have finished small chunks here and there, I'll message you it if you want.
    - An alternate ending in which Simba is killed. Shouldn't be too long of a story, it started as an exercise for my writing but I've decided it could make a good work on it's own.
    - One or two romantic mature story stories, if you're comfortable with that sort of stuff.

    And for Alpha and Omega
    - A kinda unusual concept (by my standards) that started as a roleplay. Anthrofied Kate and Humphrey and several other canon characters taking the lead on the RMS Titanic (don't ask XD)
  4. Wow, interesting concepts. Haha.

    What about Balto? :)
  5. Oh man XD I have SO many for Balto that listing the ideas would be tedious
  6. What are your favorites?
  7. Probably the rewrites of the first and second films, same deal with the plots shifted but still have the same rough course.

    Or a midquel set between them two films, about Balto going on a self-discovery quest to find out who his parents were and how he came to be. Not knowing that his search for answers will reignite a long-buried war between the dogs and wolves around Nome.
  8. The second idea sounds compelling. :)
  9. Which would you like to do? I'd say at present my biggest impetous would be for Lion King. I go through these motivation phases for each different project
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