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Ever have that particular series that you just loved and had the urge to collect everything that went along with it, no matter how silly it seemed? Do you have any obscure items or collections that you're particularly proud of? Show off your filthy, pig disgusting collections here >:(

For me it's mostly either Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Vampire Hunter D or Trinity Blood. Not in any particular order, but WHAT THE HEY, DISPOSABLE INCOME THAT ISN'T REALLY DISPOSABLE, WHO IS KEEPING TRACK? Certainly not me.

This is my Ga-Ko alarm clock from Metal Gear Solid 4. I...I just thought he was c-cute...and I needed an alarm clock anyway, s-so I got him. Also, I guess there were only 2000 of them made. *slowly licks it* Next to him is a Raiho plushie from the Devil Summoner series. Not really a rare item, b-but c-cute nonetheless...They're leaning against the Silent Hill soundtracks I collected. ;_; Y-yeah, I bought what?! I've got a lot of figures, plushes, books, cds...just not in all the same place.


This is my friend's room...He really loves Sailor Moon. He really, REALLY loves Sailor Moon...a lot more than I do...I think for him these came before buying food a couple times.


Yeah, that's a guy's room.

Paorou is a fan of touhou, but more on the creator and his fanbase rather than the actual product/franchise.
I love Wolfs Rain so I have the DVD set with the soundtrack and a wall scroll. I tend to hide my collection and protect things from light, and dust as much as I can. I have mostly every moive made by Studio Ghibli, I love the movie Grave of Fire Flies. It really changed my thinking and for that I will forever love all the works of Hayao Miyazaki.

[ame=""]YouTube - Grave of the Fireflies AMV - Hello[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Spirited Away Trailer[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Howl's Moving Castle - US Trailer[/ame] my total favorite..!!
Not really, apart from buying stuff that I needed when I bought it + beeing a fan(example: south park-boxer-shorts, SP-key-thingie, SP-towel and blabla, still, I was only a kid when I bought those).

Got a cd collection with a few hard-to-get/out of print cds and some LPs, but thats it.

As for video game-series, theres a few that I'll buy if I'm able to, like GTA, Castlevania, Football Manager and Suikoden, but no accessories.

Fav footbal-team: 06/07-jersey and a scarf, thats it.
When I was younger I was obsessed with FMA and Rurouni Kenshin around about the same time. This is also about the time I started going to conventions, sooo... the dealer room was my HEAVEN. Over the years I think I've managed to get some FMA figures, the pocket watch, and an Alphonse-head pillow. I believe I have all of the Rurouni Kenshin manga, a few plushies, and a sakabatō.. but I ended up giving my sword away to a friend who wanted it very.. VERY badly >>;
I was really happy to find that some Harry Potter things I bought and saved went up in value and when the movies and books got more and more popular I sold my collection on eBay and got sweet seats at a concert for it.. that was a nice pay off. Funny how somethings you out grow and are willing to sell. *sigh*
;_; Yeah, I actually just recently sold one of the original Sailor Moon Crescent Moon Wands I had on ebay...

The guy I sold it to seemed to feel the need to insist that it was for his step-daughter...but after I saw the extent that my friend went to, I WASN'T SO SURE IF I BELIEVED HIM.

I miss that wand though ;_; One day, one day I'll get it back!...But I'm pretty sure there's another one somewhere in the house....
I am usually TOO MISERLY to do any of this stuff.

But of course I have legos. That's just required.