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  1. Hello All,

    I have been in the mood for some fandoms! Here are some I would LOVE to participate in:

    • Harry Potter.
    • The Walking Dead.
    • Game of Thrones (Haven't read the books, currently just finished season four and I am LOVING IT ALL.)
    • Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus.
    • American Horror Story... But that's only if anyone wanted to try. I feel like it would be hard but who knows, could be a lot of fun.
    • **PM me with pairings for any of the above if they interest you. I may or may not nix them. Lately I have been wanting to try out playing a male role here or there because I mostly play females. I still would love to play my ladies but I can give and take for now.**
    As for other plots I do have an idea for something based on a book I read for a class last fall semester. It's kind of based off the book Ready Player One, if you've read it or want to know more just PM any questions.

    Also, I am really looking for some good sappy romance. I need some fluff in my life right now.

    As always I am open to other people's ideas as well.
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  2. Oh gosh I can't make up my mind between Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Game of Thrones xD I guess it depends on whether you play canons or OCs? And if you play canons, who do you prefer to play and who would you prefer I play?
  3. send me a PM!
  4. Still looking for a few partners. :)
  5. I'll do a Percy Jackson RP with you.
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