Fandoms, Fandoms and more Fandoms!

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  1. Hello everyone, today I am seeking a few partners for the following Fandoms:

    Harry Potter

    Now, what I am looking for is either a OC only story or an alternate universe where we change some of the canon character's lives and play them out, changing their strengths, goals and even personalities in the process. Now, I enjoy my post to be detailed and meaty in plot hooks, and I would thus prefer that the range of full paragraphs be from two to ten, less being too picky in hooks and more not leaving me with any place to go in the scene you basically just started and completed on your own.

    I enjoy chatting and can play both gender along with all sexuality, though the later will be kept tame as this is not a Mature project. I'm done here, so let's plot!
  2. This sounds amazing. If you're interested in a Harry Potter RP, please PM me!
  3. -Raises my had- If your intersted in a Bleach Rp, Pm me?
  4. This sounds super fun. I'm up for Naruto or especially Inuyasha.