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  1. Welcome To My Thread
    Hello everyone, I am Sunshine & Whiskey but you may call me Sun, Sunny or S&W for short. While I am still a bit new to the site, I am not new to the art of roleplaying, itself. I have a few post samples, if one would wish to see before starting a roleplay with me. Just ask. ^^

    ►Please be able to write as any gender regardless of your real life gender.
    (If you only prefer one gender that's fine, too but I prefer it if you didn't.)

    ►Please be able to write at least two and half paragraphs of non dialogue.
    (Although, more is definitely preferred.)

    ►Have a decent grasp of the English language.
    (I am no Grammar Nazi and understand that mistakes do happen.)

    ►Be able to post at least 2 times a week.
    (I understand that real life gets in the way often.)

    ►If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time or lost interest, please tell me!
    (I will not hate you if you tell me whatever. I will only hate you if you disappear without a trace.)

    ►Must be willing to do only threads.
    (No PM's, please.)

    ►Be willing to double up if the plot calls for it.
    (Not a huge requirement though!)

    ►Character development & detail.
    (Bring the character to life!)

    ►Images & BBCode.
    (I prefer it if we use real life images. Though, formatting your post is not required unless you like that sort of thing.)

    ►Romance & Smut.
    (Do not let romance and smut be the whole entire roleplay. I will get bored.)

    About Me
    ►I love writing as opposite genders. So male or female is fine with me.
    ►I usually write anywhere from 3-8 paragraphs depending on what partner gives me.
    ►I am not perfect! I make mistakes, too. But I know the difference between your & you're, there & their, too.
    ►My schedule varies with work getting in the way but if I cannot post at a timely manner, I will let you know.
    ►I only roleplay through the threads because I do not want to hide my writing or our story.
    ►I love doubling up on characters! Enough said.
    ►I crave detail, thoughts, emotions and character development in my roleplays.
    ►I will only and always use real life images or gifs. Nothing else.
    ►I may not know how to use Photobucket or any other photo editing site but I am the Queen of BBCodes.
    ►I adore romance in my roleplays and it is basically a must. I can write out smut but it has to be built to that moment.

    (For Fandoms, I only use OC's though the OC's can be based off of or be offsprings of Canon Characters.)

    The Fandoms
    Harry Potter
    (Only knowledgeable with the movies but I know a lot about the universe and would love to do this!)

    ►Game of Thrones.
    (Went back to watching my DVD set and is totally up for this.)

    ►The Vampire Diaries.
    (I've only seen seasons 1-2, unfortunately but I got the premises of this show.)

    (Love this! Something based off of this would make my heart happy.)

    ►Teen Wolf.
    (Seen seasons 1-3 and some of 4 & 5 but I'd be up for some before or after Scott & Stiles)

    (Do not even get me started here. Seen all episodes and would love you forever if you decided to do this.)

    ►American Horror Story.
    (I've seen all seasons and all episodes though Coven & Murder House are my faves.)

    ►The Hunger Games.
    (Seen the first two movies and read the first two books!)

    (Only seen the movies but would love a roleplay based around this.)

    ►The Maze Runner.
    (Again, only saw the movie.)

    ►The Best of Me.
    (Would love to do something based around this. Read the book and saw the movie.)

    ►Once Upon A Time.
    (Recently went back to watching this and would love to do something based around it.)

    ►The Fault In Our Stars.
    (Read the book countless of times and seen the movie countless of times.)

    ►Pretty Little Liars.
    (I am a PLL4L! Seen all seasons and episodes.)

    (I adore romantic plots & such, all of my roleplays must have romance.)

    (Kings, Queens, Princess, Princes, Pirates and Whatever! Oh my!)

    ►Modern, Slice of Life
    (Love these types of roleplays, too.)

    ►Anything with Werewolves, Vampires & Witches!
    (I will love you forever here, too.)

    (Weird, yes but I'd like to do something where the focus is both inside & outside of the ring.)

    If you have any ideas or anything else, I'd be up to hearing them.
    Please make sure that you have read my thread.
    Comment any questions or concerns below or PM me.
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  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that most users have a black background on Iwaku, so black text needs to be highlighted to be seen, which may not be the best choice. You can remove the text color by editing your post, highlighting the text, and choosing the box with the 'x' in the text color selector. That way, it will automatically show up in the most visible color for a user's chosen theme.

    Good luck with your search!
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  3. Thanks. Forgot that I changed my own background style. LOL.

    Maybe that's why I haven't heard anything yet. Yeah, let's go with that.

    Thanks again!
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  4. Hello,

    I am also new to the site, although I am experienced in role play as well, so do not fret. I'm rather interested in committing to a role play with you, and would like to mention a few things in correspondence to your guidelines and genres.

    Firstly, I generally play male characters, but I'm fine with playing female characters. I hope this is not inconvenient.

    I'm not entirely sure how to double up, either. I've heard the term several times but never got a full grasp of what it means. Preferably, I'd like to avoid doubling up, but if it's required I'd be happy to learn if you're willing to teach.

    I have a character already planned for this role play, but his image is a drawing. It's not anime (not really), but it is not a real life picture, either. I'd find it rather difficult to find a real life picture of him, as I already have him imagined in my mind as the person in the drawing.

    As for plot and genre, I'm particularly interested in something similar to The Prince and Me (I've seen the first movie) or the Prince and the Pauper. (I've read the synopsis, but I haven't seen the movie / read the book.)

    Specifically, my character, Jonah, is a prince who likes to sneak out of the castle and dress as a commoner and work a real job. Your character (If you're okay with this) is someone who has some sort of score to settle (revenge?) with the prince, and has come to the capital in order to kill the prince. However, your character meets Jonas while he is disguised as a commoner, and continued to meet him at the tavern he works at. Soon, your character falls in love with Jonah while she secretly makes her search for the prince, but eventually your character will find out that Jonah is actually the prince, and will be torn between killing him and settling the score, or following her heart and letting herself love him.

    Does that sound okay, or am I designing your character too much?
  5. Whoa! And some of the things that you mentioned about my guidelines, they are just that, guidelines. I do not really required everything that I've wrote on the thread, so changing up some things are fine by me. :)

    And I am absolutely in love with your plot! Like, seriously in love with it. Send me a PM so we can discuss details further?
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