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  1. Hello! I'm currently looking for some new Rps since I'm fresh out of ones. I'm pretty much up for anything unless they involve senseless gore or Rated M (But I am okay with fading out scenes and implied references) I do all MXM, FXF, and MXF, but I'm well versed in MXM so if you want to add that to the RP the let me know :)

    Please if you are interested be sure not to put one liners. I write more than three paragraphs per post depending on the previous response and I would like someone who matches my writing level if that makes any sense. You don't have to have the best spelling, but please check as I do.


    ~Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    ~Warriors Cats
    ~How to Train You Dragon
    ~Inheritance Cycle
    ~My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    ~Greek Mythology
    ~Harry Potter
    ~Lord of the Rings
    ~The Hobbit
    ~Xiaolin Showdown

    Ideas---I'll bold the parts I'm interested in---

    I may add to these later, but feel free to PM me if you're interested!
  2. Do you fancy Crossovers? I have a few ideas involving Harry Potter x Supernatural. (It's one of my latest Crossover obsessions.) If not, I'm totes fine with either Fandoms.
  3. I do enjoy crossovers! Did you want to use preexisting characters or did you want to use OC's?
  4. Hi, I am interested in two of your roleplays ^^
    If your still looking for roleplays I'd be interested in the Greek Mythology one or the Teacher/student I like MXM best :)
  5. I already have two for the Teacher/Student one so what about the Greek Mythology? Also MXM is my favorite too :0 Would you like to PM each other for the details?
  6. Maybe a MLP FIM RP?
  7. I prefer a combination. Is that alright with you? (Some of my ideas involve both.)
  8. Fine by me. Can i hear some of your ideas?
  9. Yeah, that's cool with me! Did you want to PM each other for the details?
  10. Hmm i'd prefer to hear your ideas first before PM'ing you since i may or may not like the combination.
  11. Would you like to do a Marvel based RP? I would love to do one, as your post requirements are absolutely perfect for me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.