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  1. Fandoms
    ✖ Hunger Games
    [Peeta/OC || OC/OC]
    ✖ Dragon Age Inquistion
    [Cullen/OC || Dorian/OC || Solas/OC]
    ✖ Dragon Age 2
    [Fenris/OC || Anders/OC || Hawke/OC]
    ✖ Dragon Age Origins
    [Alistair/OC || Morrigan/OC || Callian/OC]
    ✖ Final Fantasy VII
    [Cloud/OC || Zack/OC || Reno/OC]
    ✖ Final Fantasy X
    [Yuna/OC || Rikku/OC || [Seymour/OC || Paine/OC || Auron/OC]
    ✖Final Fantasy XIII
    [Hope/OC || Vanille/OC || [Fang/OC || Lightning//OC || Noel/OC || Caius//OC || Snow/OC]
    ✖ Kingdom Hearts
    [Leon//OC || Sora/OC || Riku/OC

    ✖ The Devil Wears Pirada
    Oc x Oc
    ✖ Doctor Who
    Tenth Doctor x Assistant / Eleventh Doctor x Assistant / Human Version of the Tardis x The Doctor / Discorded Doctor x Assistant
    ✖ Aikatsu
    Ran x OC / Yurika x OC / Mizuki x OC / Akari x OC
    ✖ AKB0048
    oc trainnee x dance instructor
    ✖Studio Ghibli flims (I've seen most of them)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Angel Beats
    Once Upon a Time
    Black Butler

    if there is any other fandoms you wanna do, ask me I might know it.

    link to my normal search is here:
  2. I would love to try a Ouran High School Host club roleplay with you ^_^
  3. I'm very interested in Doctor Who. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.