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  1. Hello, I am Valaryant but please feel free to call me Val or Lary. I am a Literate Roleplayer with a little over five years experience, though I am new to this site. I would also like to warn people a head of time, my schedule can get frantic randomly due to College courses and work so I may reply late at times but I will not abandon an rp without notice. Currently I am craving several Fandom RP's which will be listed below, however I would like to set some very basic ground rules.

    • Please, no one-liners. I of all people know what a pain writers block can be but, even at it's worst we can all get at least a paragraph (5-8 sentences [excluding dialogue])
    • I request that the people I Rp with are at least 18, as our characters will most likely have sexual relations (either with each other or others) and I can become quite descriptive.
    • Adequate Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. I am by no means a grammar nazi or a spelling terrorist, we all make mistakes so a few here and there in a rushed post is understandable. However if I am struggling to understand what it is you have written then I will make a comment.
    • I mostly do M/M, though I can be persuaded to do M/F.
    • I am open to PM Rp or Thread based I ask that you PM me if you are interested. I will answer thread posts as well, but I prioritize PM's since they are easier to track and answer when I am in a rush.

    Currently Searching for Partners!
    !!!Really Strong Craving!!!
    Bold Characters are who I'd prefer to play.
    {Pairings will be updated}


    X-Men: Evolutions||

    Lost Girl||
    Genderbent! Kenzi/Bo

    Ultimate Spiderman||
    Spiderman/Iron Fist
    Peter Parker/ Harry Osborn
    Peter Parker/ Flash Thompson
    ~Iron Fist/OC~
    OC/White Tiger
  2. I'll play Natasha if you be Clint? ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.