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  1. About Me
    I've been roleplaying on/off for about twelve years, I consider myself a decent writer that is able to move a story and develop characters and plot. I am a twenty-something grad student and I usually post once a day - possibly more (or less) depending upon my schedule and work. I live in North America in Central Standard Time and am generally more active in the evenings. I'm pretty easy-going and enjoy talking and planning in OOC - so please don't be stand-offish.

    + Mature (18+) -- I enjoy a wide range of scenarios including intense violence, harsh language, and sexual content. I like to be left picking the grit out of my teeth.

    + Need Plot -- As much as I enjoy adult situations (and I do) I am not interested in a roleplay that revolves around sex; it needs to occur within a plot.

    + No God-Modding or whatever the hell it's called -- if you want to have my character act in a post, just ask me - I probably don't mind.

    + Please be fairly active -- I know we're all busy, but try to post at least every two days or so.

    + Be polite/friendly -- I don't care if your character is a total arse IC, but be pleasant OOC.

    + Intermediate - Adept -- 3 to 4 paragraph minimum; I know people have off-days, but I need material to work with that is presented in decent grammar.

    + Don't just vanish -- If you need to stop, no problem, just let me know as a courtesy.

    + Don't get offended too easily -- I can be rather blunt; don't take it personally - I tend to say what I think/feel and it's not an attack on you. Promise.

    + Tell me your rules -- I want to know my partner's limits so nothing gets uncomfortable or awkward.

    + Use proper grammar/syntax -- This includes "chat speak;" please don't PM me with such.

    Current Fandoms
    Listed below are fandoms that I am currently interested in; under each title I am also listing the character(s) I most prefer to play from said fandom.

    That being said, I am willing to play someone other than the characters listed. If you're interested in something, just ask me - I'm fairly flexible. What I am not interested in is the use of OC's in fandoms - it's just not my thing and like to stick to the canon. When I say "canon" I mean canon - as in they are played in character for that character... No offense, but I don't want an "OOC" version of that character - as it defeats the purpose.

    Got that? No OC's and no OOC canons. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I keep getting OC requests.

    + Attack on Titan
    + Harry Potter
    + Mass Effect
    + Young Justice

    + Avatar: The Last Airbender
    - Zuko

    + Cowboy Bebop
    - Gren
    - Spike
    - Vicious
    - Jet

    + Escaflowne
    - Dilandau

    + Gurren Lagann
    - Viral
    - Kittan

    + League of Legends
    - Darius

    + Slayers
    - Xelloss
    - Zelgadiss

    I play men; it's easier for me to RP my own gender. I've tried playing as women and I'm terrible at it. For your sake and mine, I stick to guys. That being said, I tend to do better with MxM, but I am alright with MxF. That isn't meant in a sexist way, ladies. I've just had better experiences with other males, but you're welcome to change my opinion.

    Depending upon what you're interested in, I'd like to collaborate - I like having input from both parties before we decide on a plot, so there is mutual interest. Let's get complicated. <3

    Still interested? Hit me up in a PM.

    Questions? PM me or post below.

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    Hmmm...let's see is there anyone you like pairing Levi with?

    I'm cool with whomever, I often play as Armin or Mikasa usually as unusually rude and hateful toward everyone (even eren)
  3. Oooh avatar! He's please ^-^
  4. So.. You're willing to play Levi then? If so, I'd love to do an AOT role play.
  5. Harry Potter, the Marauders era, might be fun. :)
  6. @Nica Sorry, I just got sort of...overwhelmed with HP requests.

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  7. Oh i'll so Cowboy bebop with you i'm ok with Spike or Vicious xD
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