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  1. Welcome, people who clicked on my thread. Thank you for spending time out of your day to read what I have to put here. First I think I should get the opening out of the way. My name is Josef, but you can call me Joe. I'm 18 and British, meaning I may not be on at the same time much with American users, but I'll still be around.

    I prefer to play as OC characters in any fandom based RP because sometimes existing characters are hard to stay in the mindset or are just plain dull *cough*SansaStark*cough*. This is not to say that you would have to use your OC character, as I'm more than happy playing off a canon character that you particularly like, or keeping it two OCa and canon characters make appearances now and again.

    I will generally write a few paragraphs per post and will try and respond as soon after I get your post as I can, which will likely be the same day. I only ask that the person I RP with is committed to making an RP work, because there's nothing more frustrating than someone dropping out after one post. Give it time to flourish

    Having said that I am also very patient and if you need time off posting I am more than willing to wait :)

    I have ideas for plots planned for most of the things I mention below. Send me a PM if you'd be interested in healing build something beautiful.

    A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
    Sword Art Online
    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Maze Runner
    Death Note
    Hunger Games
    Star Wars (would be more legends than official canon)

    Probably more, if you're interested just give me a quick message :)

    Hope to be writing with you soon :)
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  2. still looking
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