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  1. I've been craving a new fandom rps for a while now. I have plenty of OCs for several fandoms far and wide...sorta. Below is a list of fandoms I'm willing to do

    Fandom list:

    One Piece
    Fairy Tail
    MLP: FiM
    Soul Eater
    Attack on Titan
    Kingdom Hearts
    Sword Art Online

    There they are or at least the main ones anyway that I'm willing to do an rp of and all I require i that you at least provide three lines to a paragraph reply. No more, no less since I'd probably end up doing the same. If you can do more than a paragraph then so be it. Smack me with a PM if you have an idea or want to do one and come up with an idea for one. I'm pretty much open to anything and any pairing that isn't MxM.

    I'll add to this if I come up with an idea of my own so look forward to it
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  2. I enjoy Pokemon roleplays. I mainly like to do OCs for it. I've been looking to write one with somebody that isn't the cutesy, nothing ever goes wrong type of theme like the show seems to give off. I have some ideas, if you're interested. :] Shoot me a private message, because Fluffy doesn't like plotting publicly.
  3. Bumping this since I'm still open to any fandom rp ideas
  4. Gonna bump this once more
  5. I can do a Naruto RP with you ^_^
  6. Awesome. PM me and we can hammer out the details on it.
  7. If you still need some one or willing I have a few idea's for Pokemon/Digimon?
  8. I'm definitely open for a digimon one
  9. Cool, Pm me and I have some idea's :)
  10. bumping this since im still open to any ideas
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.