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  1. Introduction
    Hi there, welcome to my little search thread. My name is Bosty, Senpai, Yami, Jess or whatever you would like to call me. I am female and going on the age of 26 and been part of the Rp committee for a decade now.

    I'm close to graduating college for my Bachelors in Business, already have my Associates in Database Administration. Which is why I am hoping we can OCC Chat on skype/messenger and do our rp in the threads. Be easier for when I'm in class. XD I promise to post my schedule up at the end of this.

    Also guess what guys! I've started to do Cannon/Oc M/ That's right MALE SLASH. It's a huge step for me so yea. So far it's only been Bones/ Oc male slash I gotta thank my friend to help me break that barrier so all thanks to her folks! n__n anyways, I'm still kinda new on that but I promise to NOT disappoint on that aspect. So hit me! *Still love playing as Bones so yea. XDD* Also still love it if we can also have a F/M with it- >.< so I can make my posts longer. besides every girl loves to have that lovely best friend! XD

    ❝ Haha as promised! all of this is likely to change~ smile

    ❈Mondays: Work 6:30am-5:30pm, Class6-10:10pm
    ❈ Tuesdays: Work 6:30am-5:30pm, Class6-10:10pm
    ❈ Wednesday: Work 6:30am-5:30pm
    ❈ Thursday: Work 6:30am-5:30pm, Class6-10:10pm
    ❈ Friday:Work 6:30am-5:30pm
    ❈ Saturday: Possible Work (Depends lol) 7am-12pm
    ❈ Sunday: FREE

    Note: if there is anything else that is going on :D I will always let you know!~

    The RP List
    [ Bold= Who I wish to play as]

    ❈ Star Trek 09 <-- MAJOR CRAVE AT THE MOMENT.(I can easily play as Bones and I have a plot idea for this that I don't think will fit into this section so please PM me all about it!)

    Kirk x Oc
    OC x Bones

    ❈ Sherlock Holmes -Only seen the movies with Robert Downey Jr. But willing to try the BBC Sherlock... I have seen all of the first season BBC and all of the movies. <3.
    John Watson x OC
    Sherlock x OC

    ❈ Atelier of Arland Series~~~ Atelier Rorona, Totori, Mereru- Now Atelier of Dusk and Dusk Sky(Love these games)

    Leon x OC

    ❈ Assassins Creed 2 or brotherhood (I love playing as Leonardo~ XD)
    OC x Leo
    Ezio x OC

    ❈ Assassins Creed Unity
    Pierre Bellec x OC
    Arno x OC

    ❈ Almost Human --- Would love to do something like this if you have seen the show, stars Karl Urban (aka Bones XD so I can easily play as John Kennex.)

    ❈ Sleepy Hollow-- Would love to play as an OC angel to help out the duo. >.> or possible witch? I don't know but the show is great! <~~~MAJOR CRAVE
    Ichabod x OC

    ❈Star Wars--- Mostly After Battle of Endor- I'm pretty knowledgeable about the extended universe and would love to collaborate. :)
    Luke x OC
    OC x Han Solo

    ❈Pokemon-- What can I say? Playing the games since it first started... ._ . I'm old.. Leave me alone. I mean I have no idea how to go about this anyhow...

    ❈Legend of Dragoon-- The very first JRPG I have ever played. Loved the world, races, and story. Could be modernized too. Oc or cannon, or strictly oc.

    ❈Kingdom Hearts-- Could be fun. I don't know how but maybe?
    Leon x Oc

    ❈ CSI Miami-- This could be an interesting concept, I have seen most of it up to when Alexx Woods left. ;-; saddest point in the series I think.
    OC x Ryan Wolf
    Horatio Caine x OC

    ❈ Kuroshitsuji-- Meh, sure why not? I don't normally do anime because well, it can go horribly wrong in an rp. But maybe in a modern day setting? Or at least the idea?

    Well, that's about it. You can PM me or post here and I will gladly collaborate with you!~ Let's make some amazing magic.
  2. Oh man I'd love to do a OC x Leonardo rp :) It's been forever since I've done an Assassin's Creed rp, and I'd be ecstatic to do another one.
  3. :D Yay! Oh wait before I ask, you don't mind being Ezio for my OC do you? It would be fun for the plot idea I had in mind.
  4. Maybe :) I haven't played as Ezio in a really long time, but I would probably be okay with playing him ^-^ What sort of plot do you have in mind?
  5. Ok, it's a rough idea but here it is.


    My Oc is a daughter of a nobleman and part of the old brotherhood in Rome in happiness before the Borgia had risen in power. Now a young 28 year old Alexandria Bella De Rome is working for Cesare Borgia son of the now Pope to bring down the Assassin Ezio in hopes of stoping him from crippling their power.

    Cesare controls Alexandria by holding her father prisoner. What is the conflicting part for her is the fact that she is betraying her brotherhood and her family legacy that is intertwined with it.

    What I was thinking that our OC's could be best friends since children. And her family knows of Leonardo and from time to time he would repair her weapons, of course he didn't know that they were trying to kill Ezio or make several murders happen and make it look like it was from the assassins. Thus causing the people to not trust the brotherhood.
  6. Okay, so it would be Ezio x OC and OC x Leo? If you wouldn't mind, could my OC that's paired with Leo be male? I'm more used to playing male characters, and it would help me get more into the idea, I think.
  7. Oh, I don't mind one bit! :) I'm still new to the male slash but I think I can do it. After all Leonardo was in a relationship with a male (I think his assistant)

    XD Gotta love history.
  8. Ok great :) Do you want me to write up a character sheet for my OC? I'm fine either way.
  9. Hahahaha you don't have to. :) I'm the kind that loves to learn as we go. :D I don't mind starting us off either. n__n do you have a Skype? It helps me with OOC chat.
  10. I don't have a skype :/ If you'd like, I can start a pm convo with you. And it would be great if you started the thread ^_^
  11. Haha ok great! :D I shall do that asap!
  12. PM me for Pokemon rp! I have plots!
  13. We can discuss a Pokemon RP if you'd like.
  14. I'd be happy to hear, and probably oblige, you in a Star Trek rp for your Bones :P
  15. OH SHIT I"M SOOO SORRY PEOPLE! Let me PM YOU RIGHT AWAY! . ___ . my settings didn't email me to inform me of postings on this thread. OK OK PMING ALL OF YOU NOW
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