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  1. So, a bit about myself first.
    -I live in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA
    -I've been roleplaying for eight years.
    -Full time job, but have time for one or two roleplays.


    -High Casual to Advanced quality please. Three to four paragraphs minimum.
    -For romantic Roleplay, I prefer that my partner be female.
    -I play males only as a main character, but female supplementary characters are fine.
    -I generally like to post daily or every other day.
    -I am open to both fade to black and explicit scenes. I prefer tasteful scenes. Kinky is fine, but the writing needs to be top notch and descriptive when it comes to erotica.
    -My partners must be 18+ as some RP plots may deal with content not suited for those underage.


    I generally prefer fandoms and using pre-established characters for my roleplay, however I am open to original characters depending upon the fandom. Here are some of the plots I have in mind.

    Star Wars: I typically prefer to play a Sith character in this type of roleplay. So a Jedi/Sith forbidden romance is possible. Luke/Mara is always a fun story as well.
    Naruto: I'm open to any plot lines with this one.
    Avatar The Last Airbender: I prefer to play the role of Zuko in this fandom.
    DC Superheroes: Open to any plotlines.
    Harry Potter: Open to any plotlines.
    Lord of the Rings: Any plotlines
    Mass Effect: Any plotlines.
    Dragon Age: Any plotlines

    One last thing to state; while I do enjoy a great deal of romance within the roleplay, there needs to be an overarching conflict that drives the characters forward. I'm not looking for -only- romantic roleplay, but rather allowing that to add flavor to the story.

    Anyways, let me know any of you are interested. Hope to create some great stories together!
  2. I like the Naruto idea!
  3. I will do an avatar rp with you! ^^
  4. I'm open to a Naruto one ^-^
  5. I'm interested in Naruto or LotR! mostly Naruto atm :)
  6. hello I want to ask if I asked you for a DC rp, would you be willing to Rp as the Red hood?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.