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  1. Hi~

    I've been wondering if anyone is up for some fandom roleplay? I warn you this is going to be MXM or yaoi. What ever you kids call if these days. I would also prefer to be the sub/uke in the rp. Now that that's out the way I'll list some fandoms I've been craving for a while:

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    Inheritance Cycle
    How to Train Your Dragon

    South Park
    Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
    Warriors Cats

    If your interested please PM me.

    (Note: If we do an RP please post 1-2 paragraphs please ^^)
  2. Hi. I may be interested...Do you have any other anime RP faves? Like Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or something? I don't mind the Percy Jackson series...It depends what pairings you like, like Percico 0w0
  3. Well, I've watched other anime, but not a lot. The only other anime I can think of is Hetalia and Death Note. I'm not a big fan of Percico either...what other pairings do you like from that series?
  4. Hey, I could do Attack on Titan but I saw you watched Hetalia and I'm pretty obsessed with that right now. You up for it?
  5. Sure! Do you want to do a romance RP or just a regular one?
  6. I can do romance, but I like the way all the countries interact so I focus on that in any of the stories I do.
  7. Sounds good, what pairings do you like?
  8. England with almost everyone, Spamano, France and Spain, France and Austria, Gerita, Prussia and Hungary, Russia with almost anyone but England... there are quite a few, but I RP best as Romano, Russia, Germany, Prussia and Spain.
  9. My pairings are Spamano, Gerita, and Ruscan. Do you want to do Ruscan? Or would you rather another pairing?
  10. ^___^ Ruscan is fine. I can be Russia, da? ^J^
  11. Then I'll be Canada ;) Do you have any ideas about the plot?
  12. Well the one thing I like about Russia and Canada is that they are both very lonely in their own ways. Everybody's either scared of or hates Ivan and nobody notices Mattie. I think they both visit the same spot when they're lonely, but neither knows it. Eventually they meet, but of course they're very different...
  13. Me likey! So, do you want to start the RP or do you want to start it?
  14. well if you start it i can get an idea of the rp style you like, so that would be nice
  15. I'll send you the link when it's ready ^-^
  16. Alright! Thanks
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