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  1. Hey there, everyone!!! I hope you guys are having a great day or evening! :D

    So here's what I'm looking for in this thread: I am currently searching for at least a couple of partners to role play any of the following fandoms listed below and as always, feel free to suggest your own if you'd like. On that same note: please don't suggest any anime/manga or video game related stuff. I honestly won't know what you're talking about, so I deeply apologize for that in advance. Also, I'm only interested in M/F pairings (me playing the female role); unless we double of course which I have absolutely no problems with that. Let's see... The ones that are colored means 'what I'm craving right now' or 'I'm looking forward to the most' yada, yada, know the drill here lol.

    At this moment in time I do not have any plots for you guys, but please don't get too discourage in that. I actually prefer and love brainstorming with other people than already having a pre-made plot in mind, so I hope that's okay with you guys. Um... In regards in making character sheets and stuff like that, I honestly have no preference if you wish to make one or not. For me personally, I'm kind of tired of making them and so for now on, I will describe my character(s) in the actual role play setting or I will just post a picture in our OOC thread before we start, but either way my character(s) will be fleshed out for you to read. Don't worry!

    So with said and done, feel free to reply here or private message me!!! Looking forward in hearing from you!!! :D

    Cinematic Universe(s)/Books:
    Lord of the Rings
    - Eomer/OC
    Star Trek (Reboot)
    - Bones/OC
    - Khan/OC

    - Cyclops/OC
    - Wolverine/OC
    - Magneto/ OC

    - Hicks/OC
    - Hudson/OC

    The Terminator (1984)
    - Kyle Reese/OC
    Harry Potter
    - Remus Lupin/OC
    Interview with the Vampire
    - Lestat/OC
    - Louis/OC

    The Notebook
    - Lon Hammond/OC
    - OC/OC
    Pride and Prejudice
    - Elizabeth Bennett/Darcy
    - OC/OC

    Dark Series (Christine Feehan)
    - OC/OC

    Television Shows:
    The Originals
    - Elijah/OC
    The Magnificent Seven
    - Chris Larabee/OC
    X-Men (90's Animated Series/Evolution)
    - Cyclops/Jean Grey
    - Cyclops/OC
    - Wolverine/OC (Evo)
    - Gambit/Rogue
    - Gambit/OC

    Almost Human
    - John Kennox/OC

    Celebrity Crush:
    James Marsden
    Karl Urban
    Michael Biehn (younger years)
    Bill Paxton (younger years)

    Rules and Requirements:
    - 18+ only
    - 70% Plot 30% Smut
    - 2+ paragraphs for every post
    - Basic spelling and grammar
    - Threads/PMs
    - M/F only
    - Be willing to double
    - Celebrity/Model face-claims only
    - NO one/two-liners
    - NO god-modding/power-play
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  2. Hello,

    I'd be interested in playing Remus Lupin for your OC. ^_^

    Depending on what time era you request, I'd ask for you to play any of the following in return: George Weasley, Sirius Black or Draco Malfoy.
  3. Hey there! :)

    It'll be set in the Golden Trio years but right after the Battle of Hogwarts, so maybe a year or two later...

    I can definitely play George for you.
  4. I'm guessing Remus would have survived then? What about his relationship with Tonks? Are we ignoring that? Also, their child?
  5. Yes, he survived but Tonks didn't. I'd like to keep Teddy in the setting, if that's okay with you? I'm gonna go ahead and PM you, a plot is starting to brew in my head as we speak lol.
  6. Alright. I'll await your PM. :)
  7. Still searching.
  8. Eek. Lord of the Rings! I would glady do that with you. Are you willing to double up as Haldir? :)
  9. I'm afraid I won't be able to play Haldir for you, but I can play either Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir, or Legolas instead. So sorry...
  10. No worries, thought I'd ask.
    I can settle for Faramir. He is my second choice. :)
  11. Oh, good! :) I'll PM you.
  12. I can play James Marsden for you, if you can play Tom Hiddleston or Gerard Way for me, or I can do LOTR if you can play Legolas for me.
  13. Let's do Lord of the Ring, if that's okay with you? :) I can definitely play Legolas for you.
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