Fandom Libertine (Looking for M)

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  1. Looking for someone to play Draco in a Draco/OC pairing.

    Aria Potter, Harry's, twin sister has returned with Harry to the Wizarding World. In doing so for a quick run through to see if she can perform magic she is put in a year of Hogwarts after she is sorted she gets to choose her mentor. Harry was surprised to find her sorted into Slytherin meaning she had to choose a Slytherin mentor so chooses Draco.

    This will be a sexual plot can be very explicit as long as the plot continues. Good grammar and English with at least 2-3 paragraphs.
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  2. I like this plot.

    Would you be willing to double?
  3. I would love to who do you have in mind
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  4. Maybe my OC can have a mentor of her own? She's a student transferring in from another country and needs the guidance of an older student?
  5. ok so since this takes place a few years after the defeat of Voldemprt we can have Draco/OC and OC/OC
  6. I would actually prefer once of the canon males, if you don't mind. Either George, Neville, Harry or Ron. If possible?
  7. Ok Well they wouldn't be students. We could do Harry I can rp him very well
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  8. Alright. That works for me. Harry and Draco, our two OCs, sounds fun.

    Do you mind role playing through PM? I find threads really messy. :(
  9. I'll go ahead and make the pm and send it to you