Fandom Cravings~ [Mainly M/F, looking for males or doubles]

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  1. Been having some super strong fandom cravings, so I figured I'd whip up another thread that includes them all this time.

    Before we start things off, I'll give you a little introduction. Feel free to call me Shade, or Kay if you prefer something a little more normal. I'm in my early 20s, and I unfortunately don't have much of a life. (Plus winter's coming, so hooray being stuck inside all the time.)


    • Be patient with me! I can go from posting once/multiple times a day to a few times a week. Sometimes it's on a weekly basis if I'm having trouble writing due to mental and physical illnesses. I will try to let you know if it'll be a long wait, though!
    • Please have a decent grasp on how to write. I can deal with intermediate and up, but I would like seeing more people using correct grammar and spelling (at least in the roleplay). We all make mistakes, though, so I won't jump down anyone's throat for little errors. I do prefer adept level, however.
    • I would prefer it if you could give me at least 2 paragraphs. I can go from that to 8 pretty easily. I do prefer quality over quantity, however. I'll usually try matching what I get.
    • Don't mind playing a male or doubling. I usually like playing a female OC, and I do like pairing them up with canon males. I'll do the same if we end up doubling.
    • I prefer roleplaying over PM, so please be alright with that.
    • Tell me your favorite color in your PM so I know you read my rules! (As much as I hate to add this in, people seem to not read them.)
    • Please be 18+ if you want any romance in this! I kinda feel funny writing that kind of thing with younger people.

    Key: Any pairings I'm craving will have one of these* next to it, and the role I'd like to play will be in parentheses.


    I have no plots at this time, so I would be more than happy to come up with one together!

    Tokyo Ghoul:

    I don't have any character pairings for this one, but I have some general ones.

    - (Ghoul) x Investigator*
    - Ghoul x Ghoul
    - Ghoul x Human
    - Investigator x Investigator (Something like the Quinx, maybe?)


    - Ja'far x (OC)*
    - Alibaba x (OC)
    - Hakuryuu x (OC)
    - Titus x (OC)
    - OC x OC
    Canons I can play: Sinbad, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, Morgiana, and possibly others.

    Also interested in:

    - Fullmetal Alchemist
    - Noragami
    - Parasyte
    - Pokemon
    - The Devil is a Part-Timer

    Video Games:

    Dragon Age:

    - Alistair x (OC)
    - Zevran x (OC)
    - Anders x (OC)*
    - Cullen x (OC)*
    - Iron Bull x (OC)*
    - Dorian x (OC)*This'll obvs be with a male Inquisitor/character. It'll be my first m/m pairing though, so bear with me
    - (Mage) x Templar*
    - (City Elf) x Dalish
    - Inquisition Agent x Inquisition Agent
    - (Elf Servant) x Chevalier
    - OC x OC


    Mage x Templar:* After a daring escape, a mage is hunted down using the phylactery she left behind. Once the templar catches up to her, he realizes that he knows her. Once he learns the reason for her escape, will he have it in him to bring her back?

    Mage x Templar: A particularly talented and withdrawn young mage has been accused of dabbling in blood magic by a slighted Apprentice. Instead of passing judgment without proof, they assign a templar to watch her on a daily basis.

    Can't Trust a Darkspawn:* The Warden let the Architect go to continue its research, which proved to be a bad idea. Some time later, townspeople and Wardens a like begin disappearing. A group is hired and sent to investigate. After some searching, they find that the Architect actually had no active role in it. Instead, one of the darkspawn it "liberated" has begun its own experimentation. With that, it has begun creating an intelligent army with the intention of avenging its fallen brethren.


    1.) As with a lot of games like these, I often think of what might happen if the bad guy won: So, the Inquisition failed and Corypheus managed to make himself a "god". Some people still resist, although organized resistances never last long. When a pair (or a group) of these rebels stumble upon an ancient source of power, it dawns on them that their adversary might not be as untouchable as everyone thought. (Still pretty vague; would have to figure out what they found and why it hasn't been confiscated/destroyed by now, among other things.)

    2.) Something to do with The Enigma of Kirkwall because I think there's a LOT of material there.

    3.) Not really a plot idea, but using alternative Inquisitor origins would be pretty interesting. I saw a post on tumblr once about, say, an Elven servant or a Tranquil mage getting caught up in all of it. (With the mage, being sucked into the Fade might somehow restore their connection to it and reverse the process? I dunno. Would really like to try that one out though.)

    4.) Would like to try out a Hedge Mage character as well. Possibly with a Templar or a traditionally instructed mage.

    5.) I'd also like to do an Anders x (Hawke) kind of thing set after DA2, so it's well into the mage rebellion and all that. Would it be something they tried to resolve after realizing how out of control and horrible it became? Would they still be intent on seeing it through?

    Descent Spoilers Inside:

    SO those Titans, eh? I would kind of like to come up with a plot that involves one of them waking up and causing problems on the surface (or underneath). So maybe it doesn't endanger Orzammar, but bad things do tend to happen when openings in the Deep Roads appear. The Titan would have to be stopped (probably like it was, but it'd be more difficult without Valta and all that). Or we could have it end a different way completely. I just like the idea of a world-shaping being coming to live and causing mayhem.

    Trespasser Spoilers Inside:

    I thought it might be cool to have a roleplay concerning Solas' plot to change the world and all that. It doesn't much matter if we decide to explore what might happen if he succeeds, or if we play out the attempt to stop him. (Also great because I don't know if things are going to be happening in Tevinter next??)

    Other Games:

    - Dust: An Elysian Tail
    - TERA: Rising
    - Dota 2
    - The Elder Scrolls Online Currently the only Elder Scrolls game I've finished, but I'm working on Oblivion at the moment. Willing to research, though!
    - ARK: Survival Evolved*


    Inheritance Cycle:

    Murtagh x (OC)
    OC x OC


    To Pass the Test: ||Set before the events of the books.|| Vroengard was only so large, which meant that some training had to be done elsewhere. One teacher was notorious for sending his students off into the wilderness for a final test. A pair of Riders are chosen to participate together, and must work as a team to make it through the three months they'll be away. It won't be easy, with treacherous weather and dangerous enemies to deal with. Their biggest hurdle could very well be that they aren't allowed to use magic unless the situation is dire. With all that, can the pair and their dragons make it home in one piece?

    Five Eggs: |Slight AU| Galbatorix managed to salvage five dragon eggs, keeping them safely hidden away. After Eragon and Murtagh became Riders, the king was intent on hatching the remaining three. He found matches for two, and imprisoned the newly christened Riders to see whether they would join willingly or not. If they do, will they enjoy the destruction they bring, or will it wrack them with guilt? If they refuse, will they try escaping before he forces them to submit?

    Magician Uprising:** After Galbatorix's fall, there was peace. Years passed without major incident, but trouble was lurking just beneath the surface. Nasuada's crackdown on magicians caused quite a stir, and many were less than pleased. Because of that, a great many of them gathered in secret where they wouldn't be bothered. Eventually, someone sparked the idea of staging a rebellion. There were a great many there, and it was revealed that some were quite accomplished at what they did. A great deal of inventing was done, and new weapons of war were developed. Experimentation was done as well, some of which was human. When they felt ready enough, they made their move. If civil arguments wouldn't change her mind, they would have to retake their freedom. Without any major aid, things quickly became dangerous. So, Nasuada sent a request for help to the Riders, hoping to stop the rebellion before it got out of hand. ||Was hoping for Murtagh x (OC) here, but OC X OC is fine.||

    The Egg Thief:* |AU| As a last resort, a young woman joins a party of thieves as they attempt to infiltrate Galbatorix's castle in order to steal a precious egg or two. As luck would have it, she was the only one to get away with the egg in tow. The king is naturally outraged when he finds out. He sends Murtagh - who hasn't yet run away - after her. He begrudgingly complies. When he finds her and the newly-hatched dragon, will he help her escape or will he bring her in? ||Could also work with OC x OC.||

    So, that's about it! Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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  2. Still looking! Veery interested in Magi or Tokyo Ghoul at the moment.
  3. Still on the lookout!
  4. Looking around again!
  5. Magi Role-play! Well this must be my Lucky Day! (Are you up to date with the manga?) I would Love to role-play with you Its just that paragraphs to me are like three sentences. I would love to do All of the other Anime Roleplaying Idea's.. ..well maybe not Norigami. Sadly I only Like Oc's. I wont say I'm the best with capitation or Punctuation for that matter. I am fully Interested. (Woops Forgot to pm, Better fix that!)
  6. Think I might give this another nudge for the heck of it. Maybe I'll snag someone. :P
  7. Craving some fandoms again, sooo up we go.
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