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  1. Some of my biggest fandoms are: Marvel, the Batverse, Harry Potter, Dragon Age, The Newsroom, True Detective, American Horror Story, Boondock Saints, and Lord of the Rings. (I also have bandoms.) That being said I have a lot more but those are my primary ones.

    I'm up for playing canons or OCs, and I generally like to think I play my canon characters very canon until development obviously dictates otherwise. I'm not necessarily great with coming up with plots since I like to collaborate, but I think I can come up with a few if I need to. So here's a list of possible ideas and ships. I'll bold if I have a preference.

    Also! Please keep in mind that I don't have an age of partner preference and I'm also in high school so sometimes I might not be able to respond super quickly.

    Harry Potter
    Draco x Hermione
    Severus x Lily (Maurader's era)
    Fred x OC
    I refuse to acknowledge the death of Fred Weasley. End of story.

    Tony Stark x OC
    Thor x OC
    Loki x Natasha
    Logan (Wolverine) x OC

    Pepper Potts x Steve Rogers

    (Keep in mind this is based around the Christopher Nolan universe)
    Bruce x Talia [It would be a different Talia than the movie]
    Dick (Nightwing) x OC
    Joker x OC
    Johnathan Crane x OC
    Dick (Nightwing)
    x Selina (Catwoman)

    Dragon Age
    Alistair x Morrigan
    Alistair x Fem. Warden (or OC)
    Cullen x OC [I'm willing to do AUs]
    Fenris x OC
    Varric x OC
    Krem x OC
    OC x OC

    Saber x Lancer [Fate/Zero]
    Johnny Napalm x Judy Nails [Guitar Hero... don't judge]
    OC x Bender [Breakfast Club]
    OC x Legolas [Lord of the Rings]
    Marshall Mathers x OC
    Hailie Jade Mathers x OC
    Maggie x Jim [The Newsroom]
    Sloan x Don [The Newsroom]
    Will x Mac [The Newsroom]
    Spencer Reid x Fem!OC [Criminal Minds]
    Duncan x Gwen [Total Drama Island]
    Zuko x Katara [Avatar The Last Airbender]
    Rust x OC [True Detective]
    Murphy x OC & Connor x OC [Boondock Saints]
    Levi x OC [Attack on Titan]

    I'm always open for inboxing or anything like that if you have any questions or ideas or... yeah. If it's struck through, it's been taken at least once.
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  2. I have to ask lol why the Joker (although I hate him and he creeps me out but oddly like I like the dark knight Joker) im not hating on you I just want to ask is all (and maybe would like to rp with you I have been in the mood to do a batman rp but cant seem to find anyone)
  3. (also if it's the All star Joker I wouldn't mind Rping him with you)
  4. Well, I love the Joker and have since I was three years old. If you want to know why I can write out a whole huge essay (and have before) but the shortest answer I can give you is this:
    The Joker is exactly what humanity is and would be. He is the only one who is comfortable with who he is and knows who he is (even though he really doesn't know who he was). He is the only one in the Batverse who has never had to wear a mask. Everyone calls him a freak but that's only because he's being true to himself. He's sociopathic and witty and I love him. The Dark Knight has saved my life. :3

    If you want to do a Batman RP I have played these canons: Joker, Talia [although not the Nolan Talia b/c fuck that], Dick, Bane, and have played Bruce before. I also have a few female OCs who were paired up with other villains.

    My portrayal of the Joker is Heath Ledger's Nolanverse Joker.
  5. Wow lol well thank you for tell me that xD I could never seem to like him it was always lol anyways I would like to do a Logan (Wolverine) x OC rp
  6. Not a problem! I talk about him enough to be willing to do so now. :3

    Sure we can do that!
  7. You wanna PM me so we can plot?
  8. Did you have anything in mind for this? :)
  9. Uhm, not really except maybe a new member of the team, but back when Gideon was around because I just love the development that happens when he leaves.
    I fully admit that initial plots are not my strong suit. :3
  10. I have a soft spot for when Spencer gets kidnapped by Tobias. I just love the plot development there.
  11. That is definitely a fantastic part. I just feel so bad for my lil bby all the time. xD
  12. Haha. ^_^

    So, can I play the Fem! OC?
  13. Yeah ya can :D
  14. I would absolutely love to do a Fred x OC or a Thor x OC one with you. I prefer playing OC's because I myself am not very good at doing a canon character, so the fact you want to play the canon characters in those are highly appealing to me.

    I am also in high school, so I wouldn't be bothered at all by late replies, or even replies that are nonexistent during the week. I completely understand, and I only hope you'll understand if I don't get to respond very often because of my insane workload.

    I'd love to hash out the details with you if you're up to either one of those! If you wanted, I'd be thrilled to do both as well, my roleplays are kind of dead at the moment.

    Also, there's a possibility I'd be interested in the Loki x Natasha one, because honestly that ship is kind of my guilty pleasure and I absolutely adore Loki, but as I said I don't think I'm very good at canon characters. I'd be happy to give it a shot and you could let me know if you want to drop because my portrayal of Natasha isn't very good. I would take absolutely no offense at all.

    Have a nice day! ^.^
  15. Maybe Joker x OC? my knowledge of the batman universe isn't extensive but i know the basics at least plus i can always look up stuff when needed.
  16. Did you wanna inbox me to figure out the OC or plot? :3
  17. Ooo yes will pm you now.
  18. Given the mental and physical disorders I have sometimes I get into a slump with things and need to pick back up again. It's nothing personal. If you want to discontinue the roleplay that's fine, but I just need new ideas to get momentum again.
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