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    Hello~ I'm Mikey! All of my roleplaying info is under my roleplay resume, because I honestly don't want to type it all out. I'm pretty chill with timing and everything, so I get posts in pretty fast. Anyways I really, really want to do these following fandom roleplays;

    ~ Undertale Sans x Toriel or oc x whichever character.

    ~ Free Gou x Momotaro or oc x whoever.

    ~Teen Wolf oc x oc

    ~Kill la Kill Ryuko x Uzu

    If you'd like to suggest anything else to roleplay with just tell me~! I know a lot of shows/games/books, so I might know what your talking about!

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  2. Hi! I'm up for the Teen Wolf RP!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.