Fandom 1x1 Hunt~

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  1. Hello Everyone~
    I'm searching for a few partners, cause I need a few more~

    Things You Should Know:

    -I usually only play the female role. Though, if the plot interests me enough, I will consider playing the male role.

    -There are two things I am a sucker for. Horror and Romance. Bit of an odd mix, but I usually don't like it at the same time, mostly because Romance cancels out the whole Horror genre for me.

    -Because I do have a life (kinda), I will need to be reminded of a roleplay if I don't reply after a day or two. Feel free to annoy the hell out of me, It will get my attention.

    -I'm a bit rusty with smut, so bear with me if we decide on doing that. Other then that, I like to fade to black and continue the roleplay from the next morning.


    Doctor Who.
    Fire Emblem.
    Hemlock Grove.
    Legend Of Zelda.
    Once Upon A Time.
    Phantom Of The Opera.
    The Walking Dead.
    Maximum Ride.
    CW Arrow
    CW Flash

    Rolplays I am craving:

    ** means the character I would prefer to play
    ~ means I'm really quite craving this roleplay

    ~ Castiel x OC** ~
    Dean** x Castiel
    Charlie x OC** ~
    Fem!Lucifer** x Sam

    Doctor Who:
    ~11th Doctor x OC**~ (preferably no romance, depends on where the roleplay goes)
    Doctor!OC** x Companion!OC** ~
    Jack Harkness x Alien!Male!OC**

    Sherlock (BBC):
    Sherlock Holmes** x OC**
    Sherlock** x John
    Moriarty* x OC**
    Irene Adler x Female!OC**


    Iron Man x OC**~
    ~Loki x OC**~
    Black Widow** x Hawkeye~
    ~Winter Soldier x OC**~
    Winter Soldier x Agent Carter**

    Guardians Of The Galaxy:
    Fem!Drax The Destroyer** x Male!OC~
    Starlord x OC**~
    Nebula x Fem!OC**~
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  2. Oooh~ I love some of these ideas. If nobody else has asked yet- Can we to the Doctor!Oc x Companion!Oc?
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  3. Oh of course!! PM me?
  4. Did someone say Okami?!
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  5. Yessss. Okami is amazing~
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  6. A
    Any chance we can make a ROLEPLAY from this beautiful game? c:
  7. no.

    Of course we can!!! ^^
  8. Still looking? If so I can send a PM your way.
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  9. Okay, I really wanna take part in the Sherlock x OC one, if you wouldn't mind being Sherlock because I would turn him into a completely different character.
  10. Still Looking~
  11. How about a fandom from Disney, like the lion king or basically any other disney movie?
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