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  1. Hello! Ive posted for a partner once before, but I'm back to ask for more, but specifically fandom RPers!

    Quick rules
    ☆Smut is totally encouraged, provided we're both in the same age section!
    ☆Tell me if you have triggers!
    ☆ I prefer MxM greatly - unless it's explicitly obvious it's FxF/FxM
    ☆ I can write gore/Violence to the bloodiest extent, so please tell me your limits!
    ☆I post slowly because I'm busy as hell. If you expect like speed of light, I can't!

    Long list of Fandoms and pairings!

    [In Brackets = Preferred Role]

    Fandom List (open)

    [Hannibal] x Will
    Hannibal x OC
    Will x OC

    Sherlock x John
    Sherlock x [Moriarty]
    [Moriarty] x John
    John x [OC]
    [Moriarty] x OC
    Sherlock x Greg

    Star Trek [TOS]:
    [Bones] x Jim
    [Bones] x Spock
    [Bones] x OC
    Jim x Spock
    Spock x OC

    The Walking dead [1-4]:
    Daryl x OC
    Glenn x OC
    Daryl x [Glenn]
    Maggie x [OC]
    Sasha x [OC]
    Rick x [Daryl]
    OC x OC

    Doctor Who:
    Ten x [Master]
    [Missy] x Osgood
    [Missy] x OC
    Danny x [OC]

    Person of Interest:
    Reese x Finch
    Root x Shaw

  2. omfg would you like to do master x tenth doctor?
    You are possibly the first person I've ever talked to who also ships that. ;U;
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  3. Yes totally! Omg I know right, I adore playing the master!
    You should totally PM me about this!(⌒▽⌒)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.