Famous Last Words

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A simple game!

Post a phrase you think would be hilarious or ironic "Famous Last Words" before something bad happens or someone meets their doom. BONUS POINTS IF IT'S SOMETHING ONE OF YOUR OWN CHARACTERS WOULD SAY!

Remember, to keep in context that the event that happens directly after the phrase isn't a good one. >:]

Diana says, "Hey Porg, whacha doin' with that tea kettle?"

"Huh, so this is how......."

Actual last words of Geoffrey Hunt (space ship captain version):

"We can take it, I know this old girl. They're out of heave ordinance, we're going to get through this."

*torpedo impacts bridge, entire command crew killed, ship disabled*

Weird character idea I am yet to name:

"I do not fear the transition."
None of my characters have died yet, because I have yet to participate in a completed RP! T_T
But one of my older characters, had he died, would have said something along the lines of..
"Zana, it's so.... quiet..."
I've always thought it'd be great to have one of my characters go all like "YOU'RE MOM'S A WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!" or something to some very powerful entity or authority.
"I don't have time to die. I'm too busy."

"Oh, so that's what happened on 9/11."

"So the Prophet Mohammed walks into a bar..."

"You know, your daughter's very attractive for a nine year-old."

"Guys, guys... watch... watch what I'm gonna do."

"I'll take that bet!"

"Sounds like a challenge."

"So Asmo, I bought you this new Anime cartoon about..."
I just signed up here, and I haven't even started in an rp yet. But if I were to kill off my character... >:]

Seven (Cynex Project) *being his ever so tactful self*

"Hey Tracker, what are you doing standing there all covered in blood?"

Xooki (CP)

" Don't worry, everything will be alright. I'll be back in five minutes."

Professor Tim (CP)

"Even though I won't be here long, my only wish is that my "children" find their own happiness."

Hmmm Famous Last Words huh?

Well I won't be able to tell you anything ICSYL related......most of the people I killed did not get last words because their throats were kind of gone. So let me see if I can conjure up some that Pirogeth would lash out upon.

"So you see/read Twilight?"

"And that's how I took over the Newsletter."

"But I'm the vampire freak /whine"

"Sakura is now mine, I kidnapped her."

"Angl is Tsude-" *dead*

"PIIIIIROOOO! ICSYL has tooooooo many characters in the main plot!" *explains that there are only 7-15 active ones in the main plot and how the rest interchange throughout the story. Proceeds to listen to the ooooohhhhh and kills them.*

"Piro can you play a 10 year old character that has no relative usefulness to the plot?"

And finally...

"You just got Piroed."
Okay, well I've never really had any of my characters die, and I don't plan to have them die but. If they DID die, for whatever reason...

Vincent the Angel: I can't die yet, not until I kill Fe-...

Shenzukai: Well, that's..just....

Phantom: I wish I could watch more of you WaterSacks pop.

Kid Oliver: ...mommy...I'm scared....

More to come later when I think of them. o-o
Let's see..If they had a chance to say some other last words aside from the ones they had..

Rondo: "Even my Explosion is beautiful and well choreographed as I had planned!"


Harken: "Outer space isn't so ba-can't..Breathe..."*Dies due to no oxygen*
"This will be Wilford's best Christmas!" (not mine- karma to you if you know who said it.)

Hint (and also awesome last words) "Go! To! Your! Room!"

And no one will get this reference but it's used almost daily in my household. "Shall I put a trap down?"
... this is pretty famous really (or cliche'd, depending on your point of view)... and i am looking forward to say this line (using any of my own characters):

"Go on ahead guys, I'll catch up soon."
Zu - "and yeah that was me who farted so fuck you!"

Lara - "I make this damn good.."

Iann - "hey make sure you return my library books okay.."

Blaxdon - "And may it be known, that I never gave up"

And the best ever

"If I dont see you, good afternoon, good evning and goodnight"
"I thought it would go better."
"Yes, I'm sure it's not loaded"
"I thought LSD was a seasoning like MSG!"
"Hey, watch what I can do!"

"I've always loved you..."

"So that's what it does..."




"Oh, that said No turn on red"

"Will someone please help me fine my car keys"

"I was right all along"

"Wait, that wasnt on the list"
SO this is how it happens... I AM disappointed.

OOOh this spot looks nice.