Famous Last Words

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  1. Uh...
    *is desperate to create LorenzoXZack child, but is not sure of the pairing*
  2. Drake:

    "Huh, so this is how......."

    Actual last words of Geoffrey Hunt (space ship captain version):

    "We can take it, I know this old girl. They're out of heave ordinance, we're going to get through this."

    *torpedo impacts bridge, entire command crew killed, ship disabled*

    Weird character idea I am yet to name:

    "I do not fear the transition."
  3. Yeah, I can see Krysta taking Luna under her wing. Would she ever want to learn how to make moonshine xD
  4. >Tried drawing a dinosaur for the first time
    >Tried drawing with a mouse for the first time

    The results lmao

    LMAO (open)
  5. "I don't have time to die. I'm too busy."

    "Oh, so that's what happened on 9/11."

    "So the Prophet Mohammed walks into a bar..."

    "You know, your daughter's very attractive for a nine year-old."

    "Guys, guys... watch... watch what I'm gonna do."

    "I'll take that bet!"

    "Sounds like a challenge."

    "So Asmo, I bought you this new Anime cartoon about..."
  6. Approved - How this works in the Merged World is...

    Prior to the Merger, the "standard" comic book Hulk was the "actual" Hulk.

    Now in a bizarre twist of events, part of the events of "Planet Hulk/World War Hulk" began to occur just prior to the merger.

    So, the Illuminati (Richards, Xavier, T'Challa, Strange) sent Banner/Hulk away on a spacecraft. This "Hulk" currently resides on Planet Sakaar, where the spacecraft did not explode and kill Hulk's pregnant wife as in the comic run.

    The merger happens, and somehow, simply because Hulk has crossed over the lines of Marvel and DC before, the merger forced a Banner and Hulk back into existence on Earth, hence the inception of this David Banner Hulk, with the whole "Crossroads" storyline currently going.

    If the "other" Hulk ever shows up... it's going to be pretty interesting, but it's not super likely. He's got family and a planet to rule...
  7. Viva, Viva, Happy! Chu-Lu-Chu-Chu! Viva, Viva, Happy! Chu-Lu-Chu-Chu!

    Please help, that song is stuck in my head.
  8. Okay, well I've never really had any of my characters die, and I don't plan to have them die but. If they DID die, for whatever reason...

    Vincent the Angel: I can't die yet, not until I kill Fe-...

    Shenzukai: Well, that's..just....

    Phantom: I wish I could watch more of you WaterSacks pop.

    Kid Oliver: ...mommy...I'm scared....

    More to come later when I think of them. o-o
  9. I'm here. Been trying to get school going, so have been a little busy as of late. Also had to deal with my birthday so I haven't been posting as much. Zero you haven't posted much for a while either, what happened to your character?
  10. "This will be Wilford's best Christmas!" (not mine- karma to you if you know who said it.)

    Hint (and also awesome last words) "Go! To! Your! Room!"

    And no one will get this reference but it's used almost daily in my household. "Shall I put a trap down?"
  11. [​IMG]

    Cornell Stokes
    AKA Cottonmouth

    Power Level
    Talented Human


    Hair Color

    Eye Color



    As a foreword, assume the reality shards worked their mojo to replace the Earth-616 instance of Cottonmouth with the Earth-199999/MCU version. The merged reality won't miss this guy. :|


    Everybody wants to be the king. The king of Harlem, as it stands, is Cornell Stokes, loathsomely nicknamed "Cottonmouth" for having had three teeth knocked out during his childhood. Brought up by the members of the Stokes family who were only discussed in hushed tones and darkened rooms, Cornell was pulled away from his talent and prospects in music; Instead, he rose to the top and seized power in Harlem's criminal underworld thanks to his name power, charisma, ambition and sheer ruthless efficiency, supplanting numerous other aspiring gangsters and crime bosses to become Harlem's foremost-- Alleged-- criminal entrepreneur. Not that any of those charges ever stuck.

    The only thing proved legally is that he runs, manages and finances the elite Harlem's Paradise, the finest club and musical venue in the borough. Popular speculation also infers this is where he runs his illicit operations out of, but again; Alleged. In Harlem, everyone has a gun, nobody has a father, and no one snitches. Not on each other and damn well not on a Stokes. Half of Harlem's current occupants knew him at least in passing growing up, which is even enough to earn him some occasional goodwill from the community.

    Drugs. Money. Contraband. Firearms. If any of it passes through the borough, it passes through Cottonmouth's hands. He just makes sure to wash them afterwards.

    • Criminal Tactician and Strategist - With this much competition, it's a given that he knows how to play the streets to stay on top.
    • Criminal Resources - Has access to all the funds, guns, muscle and specialized equipment he needs. Rumors abound he even has his fingers in police departments, law firms and politics.
    • Businessman - Running and financing his own club, along with whatever shady deals he gets up to on the side, gives him a shrewd and in-depth knowledge of business practice.
    • Charismatic - A highly confident and silver-tongued speaker when the need arises.
    • Combatant - Though little more than a brawler, Cornell is violent, ruthless and more than capable of handling a gun or overpowering any two-bit hoodlum or cop who comes at him, provided he's not unawares.
    • Musician - The life that could've been.
  12. "I thought it would go better."
  13. "Yes, I'm sure it's not loaded"
  14. "I thought LSD was a seasoning like MSG!"
  15. "Hey, watch what I can do!"

    "I've always loved you..."

    "So that's what it does..."

  16. "Well shit, that wasn't the First-Aid Kit."



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  18. "Oh, that said No turn on red"

    "Will someone please help me fine my car keys"

    "I was right all along"

    "Wait, that wasnt on the list"
  19. SO this is how it happens... I AM disappointed.

    OOOh this spot looks nice.