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  1. Alright, well you know how almost every single roleplay has some type of romance in it? Well, I am a bit tired of it! Not saying I am completely shunning all roleplays with romance, they happen to be some of my favorites, but I would really just like to do something with a brother-sister relationship instead of incest or some other random romance plot. If you really want a romance then I'll come up with some romantic subplot that will be very minor.

    So! Here are the different type of family bonds that I would like to do! If something is in bold that means I would most likely prefer that part.

    Mother and Daughter
    and Son
    Father and Daughter
    Sister and Brother Taken!
    Older Sister and Younger Sister Taken!

    Aunt and Nephew
    Uncle and Niece
    Aunt and Niece Taken!
    Grandmother and Granddaughter
    and Grandson

    And that's all I could really think of. Plot can be anything you would want, any setting, just no romance, please. I've got my full of good romance. Right now I'm craving just family bonding. And again, NO INCEST PLEASE!
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  2. Older sister and younger sister
    Sister and Brother
    Aunt and Nephew all sound amazing :D
  3. I've got an idea for an older sister and younger sister!
  4. I'll do any of these:

    Mother and Son
    Sister and Brother
    Aunt and Nephew
    Grandmother and Grandson
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