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  1. It's Family Day here in BC, so tell me your favourite things about your family!

    My eldest sister runs her own dance/fitness company which she also teaches, she's super smart and talented!

    My other big sister has a beautiful little house in another town, when I visit she and her husband BBQ for me and she takes me shooting!

    My little brother is super duper smart and is a really nice and considerate guy if you know him well enough to get past his trolling, he's also joining the CAF!

    My mom is too awesome to fit in one paragraph, and my dad has travelled most of North America in his freight truck (everywhere but Florida, Labrador, Newfoundland, and PEI)
  2. Oh dang, Family Day is next Monday for us here in Skyrim Alberta. I panicked for a second, because I couldn't remember if I was working that stat... I should get on top of my schedule. As for my family:

    My brother is quite possibly the smartest person I know. He coasted through high school with straight As, was the valedictorian, and then proceeded to get a degree in Honors Math, where he was also the valedictorian. Now he's finishing up his final year of law school, and he's already landed himself an articling position with a very esteemed law firm. I am very proud of my big brother. :3

    My mother is an RN, though she no longer works bedside or on the units; she's an educator at a hospital now, where she teaches other HCAs and nurses. She absolutely adores her job and is very good at it. She's also incredibly kind, hard-working, and intuitive. I genuinely don't know what I'd do without my mother. She's my best friend.

    My dad is newly retired, but he's worked with the government for the majority of his career. Eventually he was offered a job as the president of an oil company (haha yeah, Alberta,) and did some hella good work for them until he retired. He's very intelligent, and because of him I've grown up knowing how to take care of my own finances. He made sure to teach my brother and I those skills very young!
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