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Familiar - The Awakened
"Sometimes a curse can be a blessing."

Gods are fickle... mortals even more so. With the large amount of powerful beings in the world, some of them lose the ability to care for those weaker than they... or no longer want to. These powerful beings, though capable of wiping an annoyance right out of existence, sometimes choose to curse these annoyances... Sometimes, these curses never come off.

The 'Curse of Familiarity' is one of these curses. Named after the small animals that accompany most magic-users, the spell turns one person into a small, harmless animal... permanently. Though they keep their mind, their body is that of an animal... they loose the ability to speak, though they understand. Most under the curse die. Some go mad, becoming the beasts in mind they are in body. Some morph further, into monsters.

A rare few find each other, and - unable to abolish the curse - seek to do something good with their new bodies. Such came about the Awakened - a group of these sentient animals who've banded together in an attempt to rise into a more suitable position in the world... finding their worth through adventuring.

Hiding in the depths of the Forest of Betrayals, in the ruins of the abandoned temple of five demigods who challenged the gods and were also turned into animals, they move to become stronger... Possibly aided by these five grand beasts.

This will be a 3.5 D&D game, though the player races are no longer "Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc." The players are now in the form of feral animals, under the permanent curse of a 'Baleful Polymorph'.
-Choose one Animal, Dire Animal, or Magical Beast of CR 1 or less. Also playable are people turned into pseudodragons.
-Raise it's Mental scores (Int, Wis, Cha) to 8, and apply a 22 point buy to the resulting creature.
-You do not get the racial hit die of the resulting creature, or the skills. You do, however, get the creature's listed feats as bonus feats.
-You may have 1 level in a class.
-Come up with a backstory! Reveal who (and why!) you were cursed. The game's more about struggling with your new bodies and roleplay anyway!
(If you have questions, have never played D&D before but think this is a cool idea, you can PM myself or one of the other D&D players - Vay, Neko Archy, or The Never There are good choices, and we'll probably ease you through a tutorial.)

The five demigods mentioned can be patron deities to the players, if they so choose. The pantheon is the core Greyhawk pantheon. Each of them attempted to usurp ther divine parents, and were punished. They would have been punished further, but Obad-Hai claimed them as part of his domain, now that they are beasts. The Five Beasts of Betrayal's followers suffered the same fate they did, as an idea for how you got the curse. Other ideas might be that you were born a beast, but one of your ancestors had been under the curse, allowing you to wake to sentience. You might have ticked off a wizard it other powerful person, who had you turned into a beast as punishment. Feel free to get creative.

The Five Beasts of Betrayal are as follows:

Irovel, the Angel of Tyranny.
Portfolio: Tyranny, Night, Vanity, Discipline.
Domains: Tyranny, Darkness, Pride.
Symbol: A purple crown within a black triangle.
Irovel teaches his faithful to have faith in themselves and work on gaining as much power as possible - often at the expense of the other deities' worshipers. While merciful towards the weak of bodied, the weak of will are less than offal in his eyes. He is less interested in conquest than his father Hextor - Irovel is interested in the power of the self and displaying that power openly.
His father changed him into a wolf upon betrayal.

Libas, the Wondrous Insanity
Portfolio: Nobility, Revelry, Illusion, Beauty
Domains: Illusion, Nobility, Chaos
Symbol: An overturned wine glass.
Libas whispers to his followers that life is an illusory game, and if memories of what you've done make you laugh - then you're winning. A rise to power is never complete without a party, and if that rise IS a party... All the better. A patron of those who want to forget misdeeds, Libas visits blissful drunken stupidity on all who ask for it.. And many who don't!
For his part in the betrayal, Libas was turned into a cat by his father, Olidammara.

(Working on the other three Betrayers).
Frost you are the King of DnD
Knowing frost just make a character sheet and he'll correct/make suggestions and you're in. I'll be making one too as soon as I find a badass race.
Please join in! (Though I might make this one a lot less experimental, and just have it be play-by-post instead of D&D-y).
:] I'll post my char sheet on Thursday.
So let me get this strait..... CR = creature rating and lower is less dangerous so we can have a 1 or a 0
Challenge Rating, and yes. CR doesn't hit 0, though, but it does hit fractional numbers that you can use (1/2, 1/3, 1/4).