Familiar of Zero Tristain Magical Academy

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  1. Ok so i wanted to do this before but school kinda killed that for me but now i have summer so yep.[​IMG]

    Join in where we go into a world of magic, adventure, and familiars. Even be a familiar if you want, just have a partner. You don't have to make long paragraphs in here it's just to have fun. Anything goes except you know uuhh what's it called,....... oh yeah overpowered so yeah let me know what you think.
  2. I'd be interested
  3. I'm interested :)
  4. Cool if you guys have friends who would want to join by all means invite them. *he salutes the two*
  5. I would, but none of my friends are on this website... :(
  6. Too bad but tank anyways.
  7. This sounds fun, I'm interested.
  8. I'm also interested! By the way, I like your title! 'K' was an amazing anime ^^
  9. Thank you I picked it because of the show it also matches my profile pic kinda .
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  10. So everyone who would like to have this a an rp cookie this post to let me see how many we have who want to do it.
  11. I'm interested if there is still room.
  12. Yes there is still room to join look to the post above yours and just do as it says.
  13. I'm interested ^_^
  14. Cool about 4 or 5 posts up there is another by me just read and you'll know.
  15. well i guess i'll work on the ooc
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  17. So just letting everyone know because only one person came to the ooc so i replied to everyone except the one just in case you guys didn't notice it sorry i can be a bit paranoid sometimes but here.

    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/familiar-of-zerorp.114031/ <----oc
  18. Thanks I'll post my character sheet tomorrow when I get the chance.
  19. no problem no need to rush it we probably wont start til like friday.
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