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  1. And no, not the musical!

    If you could gain worldwide recognition and fame for something what would it be? Would you want to be an accomplished novelist? A skilled dancer? Fashion designer extraordinaire? Would you try and keep the fame through scandal or would you just fade out gracefully?

    What about fellow Iwakuians? What do you think they'd do to keep or hide from the fame?
  2. I would like to inspire people to be the best people they could be. I'd wanted them to be happier and healthier and... oh shit... I'd wanna be Oprah
  3. I'd want to be seen as an opponent of fashion an pop culture. A revolutionary jeered and vilified in his own time but vindicated posthumously. A visionary advocating freedom from the press and civic duty. Many would call me a socialist, but no, I only wish for people to wake up and smell the ashes.

    I would not seek fame, for I have no desire for it.
  4. I would like to be known as strong and smart. But it isn't necessary. Beyond that I don't have any want of fame.
  5. Definitely either famous through dance or music. Both I am currently striving for at this moment. I train everyday so hopefully it will pay off. XD
  6. I want to be the next Stephanie Meyer. >:D Writing a mediocre book for teens that becomes a popular hit sensation, gaining millions fans AND haters and making me one of the most well known and very rich people in the world.

    Then I'll write a GOOD series and everyone will be like "What the fuck was that last shit?!" and I'll be all "U got trolled >:D"

    ....Or they'll say my new stuff isn't as good, and I'LL get trolled... D: