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    " Hey there,
    Welcome to Vault-Tec! You're go to in post-apocalyptic living.
    We guarantee - our vaults will outlast what ever nuclear apocalypse comes your way.
    In the unlikely event that the end of the world comes knocking on the door, Vault-Tec will assure the safety of you and your family - if you want to leave one outside the vault, that's fine too! That'll teach 'em!

    Come join us in one of our many vaults found through out the United States of America in the safest place in the world. Your family, along with others, will live together under the guidance and protection of an, "Overseer", the almighty, undisputed leader of the vault - unless they decide otherwise!

    When everything you know get's lost in the nuclear hellfire - you can count on Vault-Tec to make sure there is a ice-cold Nuka-cola waiting for you in the vault nearest you!
    See you soon!

    Sincerely, and always yours~

    Overseer - Rickard Cole of Vault 122"

    Vault-Tec Application (open)

    Hi there potential Vault 122 candidate! I'm the official A.I. overseeing your future post-nuclear war! You can call me Vault Boy! Fill out the sheet below, and send it off to your nearest Vault-Tec headquarters and let us save a seat for you!

    NAME: This is what we call you! DON'T PUT DOWN DONNY BUTTS

    AGE: How many years have you been alive, buddy?
    DATE OF BIRTH: What day, month and year were you born?

    GENDER: Boy, or girl?​



    You have twenty-five points to distribute!

    You can pick one of the following perks!

    -Wereclaw: Oh, no! You've been exposed to radiation! and a chameleon! and a deadly dose time-released FEV (forced evolution virus) and now you make a deadly transformation once every month into a deadly Deathclaw for twelve hours! Will you use it to protect your vault? Or wreck havoc on the good people?

    -Succubus/ Incubus: Oh, you and your partner are star-crossed alright! You're cursed to a cruel fate! Granting you a "Luck" of ten, you'll survive most deadly situations every time! Your partner (one-sided or not) will probably soak some bullets though! Sorry!

    -Weapons Cache: Wow! You've found the weapon cache in Vault 122! You'll be the first in your vault to have ever held a gun! A 10mm pistol will probably come in handy, too!

    -Radiation Intolerant: A success in FEV testing! You are no longer affected by the deadly effects of radiation! Happy day! However, you've lost your means to reproduce and your overall life span has been cut in half!

    -Guardian Angel/ Backstabbing Devil: Your a saint! When your friends die, you can transfer your own life to save theirs! or not. Did your heart recently become besties with a bullet? Steal the life of your friend and live to tell the story! Another success in FEV testing!

    ~ ~ ~
    to Vault 122, of Vault-Tec's post-nuclear safe-vaults. This vault is found in the ruins of Tampa Florida - and has been hidden for two-hundred years- ever since the Great War!

    Vault 122's objective was to outlive the outside population of Florida and then begin FEV testing on the residents of the vaults. Along with FEV testing, the staff and Overseer were to promote relationships between the vault dwellers and then take one away and monitor how the emotional change would effect FEV!

    You are a resident of Vault 122, found underneath Tampa, Florida. One of the sad Vaults that only saw the tales of one survivor.

    Rules of the RP! (open)

    1. You must follow and abide by the rules of Iwaku! For the admin are our kind, and merciful Overseers!
    2. Activity. This story is meant to be short and emotional. If you can't be active, do not apply.
    3. Relations between the five players are encouraged! With that said, no +18 scenes. Fading to black is your friend.
    4. No Mary-Sue or Jimmy-John! If the player with the Wereclaw perk decides to try and kill you, and you don't have the weapon cache perk, chances are you're gonna die!

    5. For real, doe. Enjoy.
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