Fallout: Tomorrow Never Comes

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    They offered you the ideal of peace, but it was a lie wasn't it.... Now you've had to find out the hard way that peace is never offered, but is always taken...

    Vault 101 offered you peace, and so you lived there, blind to the world outside, to the war happening on the surface. That was when the worst seemed to happen within the Vault, someone assassinated the Overseer, in the rampage that followed, you and a small selection of people followed under the assassin - Radcliffe Height, to escape the Vault once and for all... Why? Well to each their own.

    Now up on the barren wastelands, you have a new threat every day, from mutants to even the creepy crawlies of this world. Everyone seems like they're out to get you, but in this you darkest hour, you might just be able to find peace.

    F: TNC is an AU F3 roleplay. Taking place as if the LS didn't exsist. You may play as someone escaping from Vault 101 for the first time, or you may play a human/ghoul who has been living on the surface. The choices are endless in this world, as we manipulate it to become our own.

    We will use the game's system of karma for the roleplay, however all trait/etc... will not be used to make the roleplay more simple. As we're just here, going to have some fun!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.