Fallout: Ruler Of The Wasteland

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Have you played any of the fallout games?

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  1. Saito was sitting in the vault's library, reading a book about the wasteland and what lives there. Saito always liked reading books about the wasteland, he knows much about it and hopes one day he gets to leave this god forsaken prison that they call a vault.

    "Mom, dad. I will, i will get out of this place one day." Saito mumbled.
  2. Eris was walking into the library when she heard him mumble to himself. She walked a little closer and looked at the shelf infront of her. It was mostly medical books, she needed them. She took the test that stated what she will most likely be and she the medic. But she skimed over the wasteland books, longing to read them. "Why is it bad to leave?" She asked herself quietly.
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