Fallout: Redemption

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    It has been 120 years since the destruction of the institute.
    Much has changed throughout those years; new factions have risen,
    a new race joined the wastelands and peace almost seemed possible.
    Sadly that peace was broken when a war broke out between the Minutemen and Gunners. Since then, many of the new settlements were destroyed and other factions are looking into taking over the commonwealth. It is time for you to find your place among all of this chaos.


    Members can explore the wastelands as one of the five different races.
    You can choose to join one of the many factions, serve a settlement or even travel on your own. You can help end war and recreate a new, peaceful commonwealth? Not the peaceful type? Take down the goody two-shoes and rule over the commonwealth like a king!
    Whatever your imagination might hold, we have it in store for you.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.