Fallout: New York City.

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    When nations crumble, hopes die off, people begin to think, what went wrong? Most peoples answers, the wise ones that is, would be simple.

    "Nothing really went wrong, we were just dumb enough to fire off nukes. Now God is making us suffer."

    Setting: Due to a more dynamic based world, this is what you'd expect once things go downhill, the world is set in chaos for one moment then the following years it is relatively peaceful. When you see Fallout games you wonder, why did it happen? Well its very simple, when the fallout war began, which hasn't happened yet this is a future reference, it had set a big war between America and Canada, each shot off nuclear bombs upon each other, causing wide spread damage, deaths, each country was put into a state of near nothingness for a long time. Every popular city in the US was near destroyed, some were actually just wiped out, few remained, just remenats of the lost past. Washington DC still stands, the white-house is there, but not quite what it used to be, now i'd rather call it the grey house, respectfully. Now we get to take alook at more places, such as Las Vegas, sin city right? Well, now it really is sometime in the future, the place is gone, a new vegas is made though. Took up the mantle and now has what we call robots, yes. In the future of fallout people were able to make machines, laser rifles, many things that just were strange in the making. But why fret about this stuff, what about New York? Statue of Liberty, a grand monument built to perfection, well, now it doesn't look to well up there.

    New York City as of now: Current year being around 2044. Well forward but still out of wack i'd say, buildings are still side ways, crushing into others, most people have made passage ways into each building, connecting them while they somehow manage to stay in the air, cleaning out some of the buildings and making them inhabitable. The Empire state building, its still up there, bits and pieces fell off but that is one thing that was repaired to near perfection, almost dead center of the city. Each three sections of New York are controlled by three very gangs, each gang does what they want, the very island with the Empire building, well its controlled by the wealthiest, the building being its head quarters. Violence is still the game plan for a desolent city such as this, even creatures found their way into the city, every survivor must watch their back in such a place, hell can easily break loose.

    Need any help getting around the basic universe on Fallout? Need a list of possible weapon ideas, clothing and so forth in case you don't remember from the games or if you want, always use classic wears from Real Life. Then here is a link:

    All you have to do is go up to the links, find the games, look at the Items and such and pick out things that seem interesting and go from there, in a world such as this, its best to be prepared.

    Character sheet~

    Appearance: (Picture and/or worded description would be nice.)
    Profession: (you a criminal? Run in one of the gangs, got yourself a nice role as a famous hitman? Theres some options out there, even soldier. If not you are automatically a Survivor the wandering around profession)
    Race: (Human, ghoul, super mutant, some varieties there.)
    Weapons/items: (What does your character carry around at the time? A cool shotgun perhaps, a sledgehammer with spikes? Does he or she have health packs on them, how many? Be as descriptive as you want. Keep it reasonable though.]
    Perks: (Free running? Super top edge sniper aiming precision? Keep it somewhat realistic, this is still a real world case scenerio but some people are gifted, such as super mutants having extra strength to take more bullets from enemies and do more damage with their fists.)

    The Gangs
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    Pirates: These strange people took up this type of name because they literally loved pirates, they dress up in strange leather types of suits and dod things similar to bikers and pirates, they have shotguns, ride on motorcycles that have interesting spike blades on the front for riding impalement to their victims, sometimes they have spears in a free hand while riding to stab it into someone as they pass them by, letting go right after and cheering like crazy dogs, they do things with some tactical style but mainly just the common run in guns blazing, sometimes with flame weapons and anything that can be made in a workshop, they are quite creative and very dangerous, should be watched out for. Its the new name for the classical Raiders. They run a more or less populated downside area of New York, around the most water. [common weapons and vehicles to expect upon them and are up for grabs if wanted: Tire irons, crowbars, typical workshop materials, baseball bats. Shotguns like sawn offs and twelve gauges, ak 47s and sometimes rock launchers, usually going around with home made weapons and so forth, the vehicle most used, a self customized motorcycle made by the members themselves, using spikes on the front of the bike to stab into enemies or for intimidation, whichever comes first. They also have alot of boats for water travel, they own the seas. Leader position is available to whoever does a good CS for it.]
    Image of a outfit common to most pirates and a good enough idea of what they look like in general though it mixes: Pirate 1.jpg

    The M.E.R.C.S: No one really knows what it stands for, nor do the government really know itself, but it is one of the most wealthiest groups and more or less high tech. They run manhatton street, with the Empire State building at their disposal for a head quarters, they have highly trained spec op like troops for a military, laser rifles, high edge machine guns, grenades, anything they gives them a edge in combat, they use air travel to get around since the Pirates run the water ways, the Mercs use Helicopters, mounted with heavy or light machine guns and sometimes rocket launchers, armor plating to prevent problems from gun fire for awhile until that lucky shot hits. They also have tactical land vehicles for use, mounted with their own machine guns up top or on the sides for cars, moving at high speeds or low for fast get in get out situations or low paced break through the building sieges. With Empire building under their control they have plenty of snipers up in the windows waiting for an enemy gang member to step in sight so they can blow their brains out, not many get around the Mercs once they cross them, other then that Mercs are a military group, up in stock for keeping order in New York as much as possible, with Manhattan in the main area under their control they can have citizen free life, allowing work for the people while protecting them from danger as best as they can. Receiving the literal highest amount of training for the gangs yet, though not impossible to fight it would be wise not to fight the entire military head on, even the crazied Pirates realize this, but are still wack enough to attack them.
    [Weapons and vehicles to expect and up for grabs, if your character can work them: High end rifles of many kinds, grenades, rock launchers, tactical breach charges and so forth in military high end grade weapons, such as laser rifles and plasma grenades. The vehicles include armored cars with light machineguns on the passenger sides, heavy armored swat like tanks for carrying troops in armed with heavy machine guns up on the top. Helicopters of transport and attack designs. Leader of Mercs is runned by Killerclover.]

    Image for Merc troop: Merc troop 1.jpg

    The Viper Organization: Near as top edge as the mercs they run the final island of New York, though the islands are more or less connected by now they run the final full right side island, the second biggest portion of New York, with this in stock they have high grade weapons, gear and supplies at their disposal, but they do things in a strange way. They tend to favor vibro blades of sorts, planted on their back and used with katanas, longswords and so forth, they literally strike like vipers, with sniper rifles and other precision weapons, they favor the ancient Ninjas and Samuri's of old. With this they use poison gas's, tactical sieges with going through the roofs with precision planes used for one man craft. Their vehicles are similar to Pirates and Mercs the more or less well balanced gang in New York useing a mix of both the other gangs to control their part of the city, they are the Mercs most rivaled enemy when that situation comes up. They tend to like to wear black to symbalize their gang the most, though don't call themselves a gang, neither do the Mercs, they call themselves a business. [Weapons and vehicles to expect: Weapons would be blades of many kinds, crossbows, sniper rifles, anything good for stealth operations and guerrilla style warefare. Their vehicles are very fast, for air travel they use boosters upon hang gliders to serve as a single man silent jet, flying through the air without to much sound, just the slight bright flare of the fire. On ground they tend to use the fastest type of car available, barely any weapons on them but can use flares of sorts to divert enemy rockets and armor upon them serves useful for enemy gunfire. Leader is available for a well made CS.]

    Image for Specialized Ninja Asassin Viper troop: Futuristic ninja 1.jpg
  2. Name: John Carter.
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Sam_Beretta.jpg
    Personality: Hes rather calm about things, leads with an iron fist of example and discipline. When things are out of wack John prefers to think with his brain instead of a assault rifle, knowing the end of a blade from the tip of a gun and back again, he can measure someones level of skill in being a warrior just by looking at them long enough, the eyes can tell alot about someone. With this in tow he can easily just go and say something and most people would understand almost immediately, or at least he hopes they would. He has a comical attitude when there is no business to discuss, and sometimes even on the job if he can help it.
    Profession: Leader of the M.E.R.C.S
    Race: Human
    Weapons/items: He uses just about anything to his disposal but he carries a good assortment of weapons.

    M4 carbine assualt rifle, comes with silencer: M4 carbine assualt rifle 1.JPG
    Caliber: /5.56 NATO
    Capacity:30 + 1

    Ruger Sr9B, 9mm, comes with silencer:
    Ruger hangun 1.jpg
    Caliber: 9mm armor piercing rounds.
    Capacity: 17+ 1

    A kabar military grade steel combat knife, located on his upper left side of his shoulder, blade hilt facing down, scabbard hooked to his clothing. Another knife is on his lower back, right side with hilt facing out, scabbard connecting to his belt, this blade is black and mean't for quick draw stealth kills. There is around four throwing knifes upon his belt if the need arises to use them.

    Several types of grenades on person, such as flash, smoke, frag and plasma.

    Perks: Top edge hand to hand prowess, sword skills from fighting against the Vipers and tactial for sight from countless missions to maintain the city and keep it safe from the two gangs that would dare oppose his organization and the safety of the people. His gun skills are rarely matched and even if they are he can usually out match the other, usually his soldiers can do the job for him though with his superb leadership skills. Business skills made him able to conduct business around other parts of the world, bringing in new weapons and gear for the organization while supplying the other with money earned through work.
    Martial arts he knows: Krav Maga, Muey Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and the weapon styles of Kali, Escrima.
  3. Name: Morgan Delmara (Dexi)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female