Fallout New Vegas: The Mojave Confederacy

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  1. Garret Delano A.K.A The Courier, has succeeded in pushing out the NCR, Caesar's Legion, and overthrowing Robert House to allow New Vegas and the rest of the Mojave to be free. The Followers of the Apocalypse have rebuilt Nipton into a center for medicine and education. The Super Mutants of Jamestown live in peace, and the combined geniuses of Veronica Santangelo and Arcade Gannon have kept Yes Man from becoming too autonomous.

    On the back of his legendary status, Garret forged an alliance with the Three Families and the other settlements to form the Mojave Confederacy with him as it's President. Learning the hard lessons from the NCR and Legion, this Confederacy doesn't test it's luck by pushing it's borders.

    But with his time tied up with the affairs of state for nineteen years, the Courier has had little time for his children. They were born after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, and enjoyed only a few brief forays with their father. And while their father has been busy, they start to see something is encroaching on the Mojave from the Divide. Will they be able to put aside their past to save the future? We'll see...

    So basically, I'm looking for two others to play characters with these very basic backgrounds. You can fill out the rest of their personalities as you wish.

    My character is Jasper Weintraub, or "Jazz" to his siblings. He is the son of Sarah Weintraub from Vault 21 who joined the Followers of the Apocalypse to be a doctor. He appears meek and isn't prone to violence, but honed his skills with energy weapons in the Big Empty.

    Son/Daughter of Cass, grew up on the caravan trails with his mother and has had the most contact with Garret of the three.

    Son/Daughter of Red Lucy, grew up in the dark of The Thorn, isolated from his/her father the most but fairly frequent contact with the others.

    So anyone interested?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.