Fallout: Heartland Remedies (Interest Check)

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  1. With the sequel to Fallout 3 official being announced in six hours and twenty-six minutes, I'd like to see if any here would be interested in a Fandom Roleplay based in the universe. It would take place in the whats known as the Heartland. This includes the the states of Colorado (main location), Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska.

    The roleplay would be plot-driven, with small, controlled, character-driven sections for character developments.

    This is meant to be a heart-wrenching love story ridding on the coat tails of a coup de etat in a Raider-run psycho, society.

    Areas of interest: (in order of appearance).

    Boulder, Colorado - Starting Area. Home, that gets destroyed. Plot.
    Junk Town, Colorado* - Refuge after first arc. Area where a team comes together and establishes a goal. Character Development.

    Grey Yard, Wyoming* - First step in story. Evidence of end goal, and hints to where to go next. Plot.
    Infinite Caotie Salon* - Wyoming - Character Development and Plot.

    Alliance, Nebraska - Second Step in Story, Revelations and overall, story arc.
    Lincoln, Nebraska - Time of peace, meant for character development and comfort. Rest before beginning storm.

    Spider, Kansas - Things become less clear for our heroes. What we've learned may not be. Plot, some character developments.
    Ulysses, Kansas - Friends and enemies are made clear. Alliances become warn and wane as the group begins to split from justice and vengeance.

    Dogtown, Colorado* - Final Chapter. The group, now made two groups, confront their antagonist and must decide to be just, or righteous, if any of them can survive the encounter.

    *- based on actual location.
    Junk Town = Grand Junction, Colorado
    Grey Yard = Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Infinite Caotie Salon = Burns, Wyoming
    Spider, Kansas = Webbing, Kansas
    Dogtown, Colorado = Denver, Colorado (actual town in the Fallout fandom)

    Let me know if you're interested! I want this to be a well-maintained thing, with no less the five participants, and no more then ten. It's not meant to be a story that drags on forever until it has to stop because important characters left. It's meant to be good, and then end.
  2. What kind of characters are you looking for?
    Are you like a game master in the sense that you explain setting and situations and we have to deal with them?
    Which factions are involved? Ncr? Great Khans? Brotherhood of steel? ...?
  3. In a way, I'd be a game-master. As I have an idea of what happens in the plot, but there are many routes that could be taken, but all lead to the same end (like in any Fallout game).


    Rocky Raiders - Colorado
    NCR, and Great Khans -Wyoming
    Brotherhood of Steel - Nebraska
    Caeser's Legion - Kansas

    As for characters... realistic to the world. No, super just, nice and naive people. Most are rough around the edges, at least.

    Essentrics, are what we'd be.
  4. Ok, count me in.
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  5. Quite interested.
  6. Great! I think I'm going to go ahead and make a signup/ OOC post, and hopefully we'll get a few more people :)
  7. I'm interested too. I haven't played through the older Fallout games, but I loved 3 and New Vegas.
  8. Great! I have a signup sheet in the fandom section. Can't wait to see you there :D
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