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  1. Thank you Commander

    Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian (mass effect series)

    It was one of those late nights, those nights when you couldn’t sleep no matter how much you tried. That was what Commander Jane Shepard was currently feeling as she rolled out the bed landing flat on the floor, she moved so she was on her knees and glanced over at Garrus noticing he had dozed off at her desk since Kaidan currently took up most of the bed. They had been practicing or what seemed to be practicing battling tatics for there next mission and both of them had “decided” to stay the night. Tossing one of her jackets over Garrus, she sighed as she walked into the elevator and leaned against the wall, yawning as she stretched her arms above her head trying to shake the sleep out of her system.

    Stepping out of the elevator she glanced around and blinked as she heard the sounds of faint sobbing and walked towards the back lounge.“Anybody in there?” she asked knocking on the door a couple times and stepped back waiting for an answer, there was sounds of sniffling and coughing but no answer and sighed as she pressed the button and watched the doors slide open. Joker was sitting on one of the couches in the back of the area, around the area were the bar was, his face was bright red and his eyes were puffy.

    “Joker…is something wrong.” she asked pausing for a moment wondering if something was wrong.

    “Oh, Commander. I’m fine just got some stuff in my eye, Vega was telling me this really funny story about this robot detective apparently he made a bunch of these krogan run away by faking that he had to self destruct, EDI of course didn’t understand the concept.” Joker said laughing weakly before blowing his nose on the sleeve of his uniform.

    “You’re a terrible liar Joker.” Shepard said shaking her head as she walked over to one of the chair and sat down across from him, leaning forward.

    '“You going to tell me what’s wrong or am I’m going to have to ask EDI?” Shepard asked and shook her head grabbing the bottle off the table and pouring herself and Joker another drink.

    “Shit, you know I hate that when you’re able to read me like that. I’m frustrated and angry at myself for all that’s happened.” Joker said swallowing his drink in one gulp and looking at Shepard, he sighed as he glanced down removing his hat and placing his hat on the seat next to him.

    “You almost died…three times already and I haven’t been really able to help you. Sure I get the normandy out and in in a pinch but there have been some serious close calls, like Thessia, Rannoch, even back in the old day. And everyone been talking about how you’re going to be the hero and I’m standing…well sitting here wondering if I’m going to…loose someone. I mean you…died trying to save me.” Joker said wiping his eye’s on his shirt.

    “Hey…you wanna know something.” Shepard asked pausing for a moment not even sure what she was going to say at this point, she sighed as she turned towards the window swirling the drink around a couple times and glancing back at Joker, noticing his expression.

    “I’m frightened about what’s going to happen next, I’m worried about Garrus, Kaidan, Liara, Tali, all these people there are residing on me and I’m wondering if I’m making the right decisions going on the right path. Hell I didn’t want to be this war hero. I just wanted to make a difference and keep people safe.” Shepard said shrugging her shoulders and stood up walking over to Joker and picked up his hat placing it on her head and making a face, chuckling to herself as Joker grinned and reached for his hat.

    “Come on, we shouldn’t worry too much, since we have plenty of people worrying already.” Shepard said laughing a bit to herself as she placed Joker’s hat on his head and straightened it. “Thank you Commander…I mean…thanks Shepard.” Joker said grinning as he stood up.

    Be My Valentine

    Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine (fallout 4)

    Nick sighed as he leaned against the bar and looked around, it was quite an impressive party, of course they had every reason to celebrate. The institute was destroyed and everything was good in the commonwealth. Then why was he here working a murder case and trying his best to stay undercover, much to no one surprise, Darla otherwise known as Skinny Malone’s ex flame had decided to get herself mixed up with another gang of thugs and Valentine even though he was clearly annoyed by the fact decided to go rescue the damsel in distress.

    “So what’s a man like you doing at a place like this?” a woman’s voice said and Nick turned his head to see none other then the vault dweller herself looking down at him. “Oh just catching up with a few friends and working a few cases, how about a drink?” Nick asked looking up at her.

    “Sure, mind if I see what you’re working on?” Nora asked sliding into a bar stool next to him. “Any leads yet or has daddy’s little girl flown the coop?” Valentine asked slipping the case file across to Nora who shook her head glancing down at the document.

    “Not yet, I haven’t even caught a glimpse of her yet, but we have eye’s all ovet the place, so she might turn up just yet.” Nora said turning her head and focusing on the couple’s on the dance floor, she could just barely make out Piper and Macready who were twirling each other around on the dance floor and could see Deacon standing in the background dressed in a sharp black tux. Nora shook her head and glanced back at the bar and then her eye caught someone walking into the party and she smirked, “Looks like the bell of the ball decided to show up, front of the building on the right side, next to the man in the blue suit and bowler hat.” Nora said nudging Valentine with her shoulder. Valentine turned his head and chuckled a bit, “I can’t believe it, just like old times it seems back when I was the damsel in distress and you were the heroine, seems like things never change, I have an idea.” Nick said and stood up grabbing Nora by the arm and leading her to the dance floor.

    “Nick, what the hell are you thinking?” Nora mumbled and blushed as the two proceeded to tango, it was embarrassing as it seemed and she could almost hear Piper snickering.

    “I’ve been taking lessons, some guy who apparently spends way too much time calibrating his weapons, the woman was nice though, she couldn’t dance apparently.” Nick explained shaking his head and turned noticing Darla and Skinny were moving across the dance floor. “Deacon’s handling it, great and I got all dressed up for nothing.” Nora muttered to herself and laughed as Nick tilted her back. “Well not for nothing, doll.” Valentine said and pressed against a kiss against the nape of her neck. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Nick.” Nora said shaking her head.
  2. What could have been

    FemaleShepard / Garrus Vakarian

    Chapter 1: Spectre Induction

    Garrus sighed for a moment slumping his shoulders as he glanced around the busy chambers. He glanced out of the corner of his eye and noticed the crew of the Normandy standing there and talking excitedly with one another. Kaidan however wasn’t standing there beside the rest of crew, instead he was standing at the front podium nervously running his hand through his already messed up hair and wearing dark black counsel issue armor with the N7 logo decorating the front of it, hard to believe that the clueless Alenko had managed to survive the entire ordeal and actually become the second human spectre. To be honest in the back of Garrus’s mind, he always wondered why Shepard hadn’t shot Kaidan back during Uldina’s coop, afterall he had been the biggest asshole he had ever met back on hoirzzon, he had basically called out for joining Cerberus, though in the end he was right and t they ended up to be in more trouble then they were worth. Maybe it was the fact that Shepard had “dated” Kaidan for a while, irritation filled Garrus for a moment and he felt his hands clenching at his sides for a moment, his manibles flaring for a moment, before letting out a shaky breath. “No use in dwelling in the past, afterall Shepard did see…” Garrus’s words trailed off for a moment and shook his head, no use talking bad about the dead.

    How long had it been since Shepard had saved the galaxy, a month, a year, two years. Yea it was around two years same time she had died the first time and then much to anyone’s surprise Shepard had been brought back from the dead by Cerberus and had saved his ass from being killed by the Mercs on Omega. He been in a pretty rough situation but Shepard had managed to save him in the end, he reached his hand up gently brushing against the scar that decorated his left manible, it was tender like stroking an od wound and he shook his head, remembering there conversation before the assault on the collector’s base. “I just want something to go right..” that’s what he had said and it had gone pretty well, they had managed to survive a suicide mission and just when he though they were able to relax, they were thrown into the biggest shitstorm in the entire galaxy. Garrus wondered in the back of his mind, if Saren hadn’t started his plan to destroy the galaxy, where would he be, he chuckled a bit to himself knowing exactly where he might have been. He would still be with C-Sec trying to abide by the rules and probably getting fired in the process, probably would have been reapplied for Spectre status and then he and his father would be arguing about it.

    Speaking of his father, he glanced up towards the second balcony noticing both his father and sister were standing close by one another, Solona leaning against the railing and holding her crutches, she didn’t need them much anymore but it was a comfort to her, well that and she still had a minor limp when she walked. He noticed the Primarch was standing there quietly one of his officers standing beside him and watching the crowd, Garrus wondered what would have happened if he were the Primarch’s son, he didn’t know Adrien all that well but it seemed that they both trusted each other enough.

    Chapter 2: Spectre Induction: A reunion

    ”Quiet down everyone, we are about to begin.” A voice rang out through the crowd as well as some feedback from the counselor ‘s omi tool and he shook his head, If there was someone the counsel should be thanking it was Shepard. She had not only saved there lives twice but had also saved there homeworlds, with a small but sad expection of the Asari homeworld of Thessia. “we are gathered here today to once assemble the best unit in the galaxy, the spectre or as there known Special Tatics and Reconinssense, we have chosen many fine candiates throughout the galaxy and several war heroes as well, We are joined today but the first two humans spectre, Commander Shepard and Major Kaidan Alenko.” The turian counselor said and Garrus nearly choked on his breath when he glanced up standing beside Kaidan, well sort of leaning on him was none other than the love of his life, Shepard, she must have noticed his gaze because she sort of raised her hand in a mock solute towards him before focusing back on the counsel who was glancing down on the crowd and he flinched realizing who was the one who had put his name in the spectre forums. “Crap.” He mumbled under his breath as the crowd parted. “We have one among my own species who has shown exceptional honor and courage when the galaxy needed him most, Commander Shepard can you vouche for him.” The turian counselor an Garrus grinned sheepishly though in the back of his mind, he was cracking up, this had to be he weirdest coincidence in the entire galaxy.

    “Of course I can…he is my boyfriend after all.” Shepard said and the entire crowd let out what seemed to be surprise gasps, Garrus could hear James and Joker’s laughter from the across the hall and he thought he heard EDI mumble something under her breath about breaching protocol and then mutter that was a joke short afterward. It must have stumped the counsel for a moment because the asari counselor took a hesitant breath before speaking. “I see.” She said and Garrus wondered what she was thinking, he glanced over and noticed Kaidan had covered his mouth with his hand to hide back his own laughter, though the glare that Shepard gave him meant that she had noticed. “When I first met Officer Vakarian, he was a big in the ass, he hated C-Sec and wanted to do things that weren’t by the book, sure he was gone when it came to combat and even managed to pull Kaidan out of the fire time and time again and again, but he didn’t seem to take things seriously and wanted to do things his own way, I suppose that came back to bite him in the ass during his time on Omega, but I think that where his courage managed to stand strong.” Shepard said stepping forward and speaking to the crowd, she sounded choked up at least in the back of Garrus’s mind and he noticed that he had stepped forward to stand beside her, reaching his hand out and holding onto hers. “When I found him omega, he was….well close to death and had managed to piss off almost all the mercs in the terminas system, I mean…I almost lost him then but it was thanks to him that we were able to defeat the collector’s and save the galaxy, for the second time. But when the reaper’s first started attacking I knew that no matter what, he would have always have my back and would always be waiting for me, The reason being is?” the few words trailed off as question as Shepard pressed a kiss against the side of his face right where the scar was. '

    “There is no Shepard without Vakarian, and you bastards better remember that.” Garrus said laughing as he wrapped an arm around Shepard’s waist pulling her close before stepping back, the rest of the speech was simple, he had to listen to the fact that spectre’s had changed and reuniting with the crew of the Normandy was rather fun but when they arrived back at the apartment, Garrus couldn’t help but grabbed Shepard’s arm and pull her off to the side and into one of the other rooms.

    “So I thought that were supposed to meet at the bar, spectre.” Garrus said accusingly waving his finger at Shepard who shook her head and laughed. “You clearly were way busy, was the big bad turian bad boy trying to save the galaxy without his girlfriend.” Shepard said snickering under her breath. “Well I learned how to duck and a few other interesting things.” Garrus said walking over to Shepard and wrapping his arm around her. “So I forgot to mention something important to you, Miss Vakarian.” Garrus said his manibles flexing into a well placed grin. “Wait..what did you” Shepard muttered before yelping in surprise as Garrus dipped her back. “What, you didn’t notice?” Garrus said chuckling as he pressed his mouth against her. “You turian bastard.” Shepard muttered under her breath.