Ike Sapphire

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"It's dark, no lights… nothing. I can smell blood is it mine or someone else's." I opened my eyes to be looking up at the ceiling of my home. No lights are on so I get up and try to turn some on but none of them want to work. I walk over to the hall and turn them on "phew luckily those work" I look around for the smell; the blood must be old if it stinks this bad. It took me a while but I finally find the source and it is the dead bodies of my family. "No" with a whisper, a tear trickled down my cheek and I fell to my knees. "I'm so sorry mom and dad" I get back up a few minutes later and look around for my older brother's body, but I couldn't seem to find it. Could he be alive? Or is his body dumped somewhere else?

It took me a while but I finally buried my parents. I pay my respects, grab my things and head out. I walked down to the city and where things would be packed with people and cars, are now barren and deserted. The stain of people's blood everywhere, then I heard the sound of a baby crying. My eyes narrowed and I looked around, "The source must be coming from within that hotel." I walk inside and the cry echoes throughout the halls. Then I hear the sound of heavy breathing "Hello, anyone there?" but the only answer I got was the cry from that baby. I walk over to the steps and begin my ascent to the top. It was about 30 floors up when the heavy breathing began again and was louder than usual. It was then that my phone rang. I pulled it from my pocket and answered it "M-may I ask who this is?" but before I could get an answer a scream of a women lashed out and I flew flat on my ass

"God damn that hurt" I stood back up and grabbed my cell phone "No one huh, and what the hell was with that scream I just heard now?" Being stupid as I was I begun to investigate. I looked all around the floor but no one showed, not even the blood of a freshly murmured body. I walked to the steps again and there was, the blood had trickled down the steps "Oh god do I have to go up there?" the cry of the baby continued "*sigh* you had better be grateful one day little one." I stood around for a moment and then began to ascend up the blood stained steps again.