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  1. Prologue: Heavenfall



    Also known as Midgard, Earth is the realm between Heaven and Hell. It's also the counter to the realm of Purgatory. Earth is considered God's most precious Creation. Its primary inhabitants are humans. Humans are Creations given Free Will that are easily swayed by their own wants and desires. Because of their Free Will, Humankind has fallen into perdition.

    My name is Saint Michael the Archangel. It is foretold in prophecy that I will defeat Satan. I am the defender of Heaven, and the defender of Humanity. Recently, humanity has been led astray. Not by their own doing, but by entities of great power. Former Angels created to watch sins, but have fallen into sin themselves. They were cast out from heaven, and fell into Earth.

    Human spirit and ingenuity built a world for them. Technology made them follow the sin of Sloth, Greed and Pride were everywhere on Earth, within the Corporations and in everyday life. Earth was in trouble.

    So, we released the Four Horsemen, the Harbingers of the apocalypse, to hunt them. But, the Horsemen also began causing chaos. Disease spread throughout the population, famine began in various places around the world, and several nations fell into war. Death was rampant. We feared they would take the side of the sins.

    Something had to be done. I myself went to Earth, taking with me the Virtues, the counters of the sins. We disguised ourselves among the human population. We were to find them, and to bring them to justice in heaven. To find the sins and Horsemen, and restore balance to Earth.

    Michael Hope (Michael), The Seoul-Pyongyang Sprawl, Unified Korean State, Earth, 1:00 AM


    Michael stood in Kim's office, and looked out the window. Kim was taking several notes for that day, just noting the events that had happened that day, and talking about a subject that had shown noticeable improvement with a test antiviral given to them from Charlemagne. Michael was helping her by giving her his notes.

    "Michael, why are you still here?" She asked him. "It's late. You should head to your apartment."

    Michael turned around. "No, it's fine. I wasn't busy anyway." He said, giving a small smile. The angel turned around, and brushed some dried blood off of his lab coat. "I don't need sleep."

    Kim nodded. "Alright, can you put these away?" She said handing him some papers.

    Michael nodded, and filed them into a drawer. Kim then stood up. "I think I'm headed out for the night. I hope you don't mind."

    Michael shook his head. "No, Ma'am." He responded.

    She stood up. "Well then. Let's go. I haven't eaten in several hours. I'll buy you some food." She said. She cared for her students like that.

    Michael nodded. Together, he and his teacher stepped towards the elevator at the end of the room, and descended. They made their way through several tunnels above the packed streets, and into a restaurant.

    They sat down, and waited to order.

    Aaron White (Plague), Washington DC, United States of America, Earth, 11:00 AM


    Aaron paced in his office. Papers were stacked all over his desk. Various liquids and petri dishes were scattered around the room. Aaron sighed. He put his hand against the window. The city of Washington DC was before him. The Potomac River was filled with boats carrying cargo through the city. He sighed, and shook his head. The boats were full of disease. Full of sick people carrying their diseases down the river. It made him smile a bit.

    Aaron turned from the window. A man entered the room, and put some papers on Aaron's desk. "The newest notes from Kim, sir." The man said. "She noted a patient is getting better with the antivirals from Charlemagne."

    Aaron nodded. "Thank you. Tell her to keep him under observation, and to report to me."

    The man nodded. Aaron picked up the papers. He flipped through them, and then put them back onto his desk. He chuckled a bit, and exited his office, heading down the hallway of the crowded government office building.

    Aaron stepped into the elevator, and went down to the building's coffee shop.

    ((I made my things open ended with characters in places open to interaction, but you don't have to interact. Feel free to start anywhere in the world in any city. If you need an NPC, I will send one to you. The Prologue begins now!))
  2. Death- The Laboratory of Dr. Merrick Black, Yorktown, Virginia, United States of America, Earth, 1100

    There were files on the computer and notes on the walls in Aramaic, the language Death always thought in when he was rushed or thinking of something important. In this case, cooperating with Dr. Kim and Michael across a multitude of time zones while having to keep constant observation of patients and possible vaccines. It was a surprise that his human form hadn't had a heart attack yet. Either way, with ruffled black hair and a near-dilapidated lab coat, Merrick finally had to retire for the day as he had to attend the Charlemagne Foundation Conference as a speaker and panel member in Korea soon enough. He would be privileged to arriving with Juliet Miller, the Synth founder of the Charlemagne Foundation, as the whole conference was being called to address a united front against the mysterious new disease, which was named "corpus" for the lack of a better term.

    But, after chugging what seemed like a pot of black coffee, Death decided to give Michael a quick call. Hearing it go to voicemail, Death merely left a message.

    "Hey, Michael, it's me. I'll be leaving for Korea in a couple hours once I meet up with Ms. Miller. Otherwise, since she didn't get a nomination this year, I went ahead and had the Nobel Event Committee send my two extra tickets to you and Kim. Say hello to her for me, by the way. Regardless, I'd go over there via Purgatory but something's up with the cross-planar transits. It's probably due to tomorrow's total solar eclipse, so I'm not going to worry too much, yet. Either way, I've emailed you and Kim my progress with using synthetic alleles in the corpus disease. It doesn't seem to be as clear-cut as we anticipated, but I'm working towards getting a live sample. I think Plague will be there tomorrow, too, but he's been so busy that I'm not certain.

    "Either way, I've rambled on long enough. See you tomorrow, Michael. Death out."

    After that, the Horseman soon made his way home. Once he arrived, the Horseman placed down his scythe (currently in the form of a prototype sonic screwdriver) and his keys on the coffee table. After sending a few update emails on how the corpus transmission, allele, and reproduction studies were going to Plague from his laptop, Death soon ensured that everything was packed and locked away before grabbing the ultimate instrument of death and driving to the local airport nearby, knowing he was expected by his ride.

    Pride- An Undisclosed Location in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Earth, 1100

    "Are our... friends the Pagnotti Family still giving us lip in Sicily?" Beloved by the public as James Thatch and feared by the underground as Vice, the tenor voice practically smashed the tension floating about the concealed board room. A philanthropist and crime boss, Pride was the undisputed leader of the sins, a ruthless one who aimed to have Earth under his dominion soon enough. Clearing his throat, he waited for a response.

    "They are, boss."

    "Well, that's a real shame. Make 'em an offer they can't refuse it. If the deal goes south, knock 'em out an take 'em over."

    "Yes, boss."

    "But whatever you do, leave Vincent alive. That little Italian, at least, has been of great help to our organization. If things go south after all, we will likely put him in charge."

    "Yes, boss."

    "You have Marcel fly out tonight. I want that territory in the bag, understood?"

    "Yes, Vice."

    "Good. Now if you all will excuse me, I have a press conference to attend."

    And just like that, Pride switched from a mafia boss to a beloved man-about-town, the sin making his way to one of many press events he had today.
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  3. Evander Kasagi (Greed), New York City, New York, United States of America, Earth 1100


    Dressed in a custom white suit and tie, Evander sauntered his way through the crowds, shaking hands and greeting party members as he went. The night had been extremely successful, both as a party and an underground auction. Many of his items had been sold for highly inflated prices, and Greed could not deny that it had been one of his better nights. However, the night was almost over, and there was still one more item to be sold. Stepping up onto the stage where a jazz band had just finished performing their set, he raised a glass, calling attention to himself and the blanketed case on display next to him.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen! I want to take a moment to thank you for tonight! You have all lined my pockets with gold, and I in turn have lined yours with the rarest items from around the world." A sly smile crept across his face, and he
    raised his glass. "So cheers to a beneficial relationship!"

    The crowd raised their glasses with Evander and they all took a drink.

    "Now, it is officially time for the final sale of the night! I won't waste your name with fancy flourishes and long speeches, so let us begin the final auction!" Evander grabbed the cloth that concealed the case, and flung it into the air, revealing the final item:

    A pair of eyeballs, preserved in a clear gel.

    A murmur swept through the crowd, and looks of disgust and confusion were visible on some of the party-goers faces. Others, who knew what the item was, immediately began pulling their wallets out and calling their bankers.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen," Evander continued, "I give you the eyes of a scientific genius; an incredible madman. The master of the theory of relativity, and a scientific force of nature. I give to you... The eyes of Einstein!"

    ....Twenty Minutes Later....

    "Going once! Going twice! Sold to the fine gentleman in red for 130 million dollars! You, my good man, are the owner of the greatest pair of human eyes in history! Congratulations! And with that, this party has come to it's close. Make sure to get home safely!" With his farewell complete, Evander quickly hurried off stage, leaving the sale details of the eyes to his hired lawyer and broker.

    "You'll have to excuse me, Jamieson; Charles. I have somewhere I have to be. I trust you will take care of all of this." With that, Evander ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Taking a quick moment to catch his breathe, he closed his eyes and began to murmur an ancient language.

    "Come forth, Hikigaeru." Evander's key necklace began to shine, and after a few seconds a small red and black frog appeared in the palm of his hand.

    "Where the hell are we going now, Greed?" the frog haughtily asked . "And why the hell did you summon me in a bathroom?! What if I had appeared in my full size?!"

    "Not now, Hiki. I'm in a bit of rush. That party lasted longer than I thought. Set a portal for Korea. Much needs to be done," Evander replied.

    "Fine, fine," Hikigaeru responded. "You really live up to your name, using me for all your own purposes," he muttered, turning and spitting on the bathroom wall. The spit expanded and space began to twist, opening up a portal large enough to walk through. Evander smirked, and turned to the Grand Toad.

    "Let's go, Hiki." With that, Evander and his toad disappeared through the portal.


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    Please excuse any typos. I haven't slept in 22 hours. -.-
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  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 11:00am

    Sitting in a small coffee shop, quickly filling with more and more costumers, sat an young woman. She seemed very stress and just wanted to enjoy her small break in peace.

    "Cadence! Miss Cadence, your coffee and muffin are ready!" The lady at the counter called. Cadence got up and went to grab her lunch, dodging the other costumers. Returning to her table, she was about to bite into her blueberry muffin, when Simon chimed in.

    "Cadence, Mr. Ford is calling." Letting out a groan, Cadence nodded at her computer and answered the call.

    "Hello Mr. Ford, how may I help you?"

    "By getting but here! I have a surprise meeting to get ready for and I need someone to gather my notes while I get dressed."

    "But sir, I'm on my breakfast break. I can gather your notes once I get back, I won't be that long." The woman just wanted a moment to breath.

    "If you can't do it, I can always have GG-5 to do it. But wouldn't that make having a human assistant silly? Well, if you really want to-"

    "I'm on my way right now, sir!" Cadence gave a panicked voice as she grab her coffee and muffin and headed back to work.

    "That a girl, and why don't you bring me a blueberry muffin while you're at it." The man then hung up. Cadence looked longingly to her muffin and at the line at the counter. It would take too long to get a new one, so a sacrifice had to be made . . .

    30 minutes later . . .

    "I'm sorry about your muffin, Cadence." The AI tried to comforted the woman as she got Mr. Ford's notes together. It knew she had been looking forward to it all day. Cadence just sighed as the last of the notes were put away.

    "Simon, send a message to Michael please: I hate humans, he took my muffin again. I'm doing well, how are you?" The virtue made a point to connect Michael a few times a day, just let him know she was okay and to find out how he was doing, since she couldn't just up and go to Korea. It was mostly about how her boss was a jerk and any updates on the population she could find, once or twice he asked her reorganize his digital notes. It was nice to remember she wasn't alone, as she didn't know where the other virtues or arch angels were, she only had Micheal and Simon by her side.

    After confirming her text was sent, Cadence went to where Mr. Ford was tying his tie.

    "Cadence, be a doll and tie this for me. The blasted thing is being a pain. By the way, that muffin was perfect. It had to be the best I ever had." The man said with a cruel gleam in his eye. Cadence said nothing as she began to fix the man's tie, but repeated what Micheal said in her head; "He'll gets whats coming to him in the end." The end couldn't come fast enough . . .
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  5. Annalise Vega
    New York, Apartment above 'Angelic' bar, 11:00

    The sound of singing birds echoed within the black and white themed room, disrupting the normal silence and lack of life it held as a bundle of sheets shifted in muted response. A groan. Fingers threaded out from under the exhausted form to reach out for the alarm that acted only acted as a warning for the oncoming danger than the rooms owner soon faced. It was a set routine, a fact she adored despite her lack of proof of this, yet found completely distasteful because soon enough the peace and sleep she adored would be disrupted by the bundle of energy and cheeriness that was her 'childhood friend' Ayalee.

    Otherwise known as Wrath.

    Annalise, otherwise known as Sloth, knew that within five minutes or less that blue haired demon would disrupt her and force her from her bed. She was quite content wrapped up with the black sheets and pillows till it almost appeared as if she had formed a cocoon in her space. A whisper tumbled from pink lips as green eyes wearily blinked open and pushed away sleep for the second time today. She had, as usual, slept most of the morning except for the brief half an hour she awoke to water and tend to the many plants that covered the normally dreary room in natural colours.

    Soon grumbling again she rolled over in her spot, dragging the sheets with her as she felt her eyes lids bear a familiar heaviness to them once again. Her mind consumed with thoughts of simply trapping herself once more in the realm of sleep and ignoring the fact she had a bar to run. That thought abruptly caused her to purse her lips, looking at the door to her room with a certain sense of irritation to them. 'Angelic'. Annalise still could not fathom what brought Ayalee to name their bar as such, especially considering the circumstances. Even now it brought her confusion and in result, annoyance but at the time she had simply given the job of naming the place to Ayalee, uncaring to the whole thing.

    Why had they opened a bar again?

    Arms reached up from the piled depths to slither around a pillow possessively, dragging it to her chest where she soon crushed it to her as she propped her head up slightly upon its edge. It was a fact that the other would soon storm in but Annalise once again could not bring herself to care. The tasks to do before opening up again tonight were small jobs but they added up, yet Annalise found herself wondering if she hired a few humans or so to the job, if Ayalee would just let her rest until the sun vanished and the darkness awoke her in a better mood. It was doubtful. Grumbling she just let her eyes fall closed, not even resisting the urge to take another 'nap' as she curled up further.

    "Bring it Ayalee..."
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  6. Ayalee Hadraniel > Annalise Vega
    New York, Apartment above 'Angelic' bar, 11:00

    Ayalee woke with a smile on her face, as she usually did; she loved the way morning looked. With glee, she dodged the pile of clothes around her messy bedroom floor and pulled open the window. The little potted garden sprung to life in her window seal, practically glowing, with bright green foliage as dew covered the petals and leaves. Annalise was surprisingly very fond of plants, so Aya kept and tended to them as well. Though it took a while to get used to, at first she kill several plants, but after watching Sloth, she was able to get it right. The birds fluttered all around, going about their daily routine, much like Ayalee was about to do. Once again, she hopped around the room, changed out of her bedclothes, then exited into the hallway.

    She made her way to the kitchen and unwrapped the loaf of bread she had made the day before. She cut four thick slices and placed them in the toaster. She danced around the kitchen as she grabbed an avocado, a container marked as feta, cream cheese, and some strawberries. After placing them on the counter she rushed over to where she kept the knives and took the kitchen utility knife and the wooden cutting board that stood beside it. Quickly returning to her spot, she peeled and sliced the avocado with swift motions, setting them aside then she sliced the strawberries in thirds, removing the leaves. Then she pulled some cherry tomatoes from the potted plant that sat on the floor in front of a window. After slicing them the toast flew up, allowing Aya to carefully pull them out with nimble fingers. She coated two slices with cream cheese, and covered them with the chunks of strawberries. Then she positioned the avocadoes on the empty toast and covered it with feta and cherry tomatoes. After that she brought out two plates and placed one of each on them and garnished them with a sprig of parsley. A large grin tugged at her lips as she gently put the plates on a tray and began towards her companion’s room.

    Before barging into Annalise’s room she set the tray on a little table outside the door, then walked in as she did every morning.
    “AAAAAALLLLIIIIIII!!!!!” Ayalee chimed, skipping towards the bed. She cared not for how annoying she was, Annalise was nearly impossible to wake, which was far from surprising, considering the circumstances. “I’ve made yet another wonderful breakfast, you don’t want the toast to get cold, do you?” She ripped the covers away from the girl and threw it on the floor, not long after did the pillows follow. “It’s another beautiful day! Let’s not waste it~” She sang as she pushed the sloth back and forth.
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  7. Rainier Newyn (Famine), Washington DC, United States of America, Earth, 11:00 AM

    A pitch black sports car raced down I-95 toward a certain government office building. NGHTSTL was emblazoned on its license plates, curiously nobody was actively driving the car, and its only occupant sat calmly in the rear seats. Rainier swirled a glass of wine he held in his hand, he loved this planet. Such a unique mixture of hedonism, gluttony, greed, and starvation. It was almost comical how you can have millions suffering, while the high class can lounge in self indulgence. It was ironic, he had been sent to help humanity against the sins, and yet, they had created more chaos in the progress. He took a sip of his wine.

    The car glided to the curb and slowed to a stop, Rainier pushed the door open and stepped out and walked into the coffee shop. He looked around trying to see Aaron.
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  8. War(1).jpg
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀〈♦ GREGORY SMITH ♦〉▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    Representation: Horseman of War
    Location: Dallas, Texas U.S.A. (Earth): His Office
    Mood: Annoyed-Furious-Relaxed/Flirtatious-Mischievous

    Outfit: Gregory's Outfit
    Interaction(s): No One
    Mentioned: No One
    Tagged: No One


    A loud banging sound could be heard all throughout the Peace Corps. Building. Gregory Smith, or War, which was who was really running the show, was in his big and lavish office getting calls back to back about some tragic flood that happened in some poor war-torn country. The caller wanted Gregory to send a few Volunteers there with food and supplies to help the poor villagers and everything like that. "I will get on it... now leave me alone!" Slamming the phone down, almost breaking it, he took a moment to breathe and remember where he was and who he was right now. "Okay, let's just get under control again."

    While he was in his office, Gregory felt a soft tap against his closed door. "Come in." The woman that stepped into the office, as beautiful as a goddess, was Lilith, Gregory's Secretary and also his girlfriend. "Mr. Smith, you have a... Timothy Weatherly asking to speak with you." Rolling his eyes, he stood up and fixed his suit jacket. "Let him in." He smirked at Lilith who shook her head and proceeded to escort the short and stubby male into the office. "Thank you Lilith, you may go now." He gave her a sly wink, before turning his attention to the round male before him.

    Before he could get a word out, Timothy Weatherly started to speak, or more like yell words and accusations his way. "You have every right to feel tricked and ignored." Gregory rested his lower back against his Mahogany Desk. "I know I have the right to feel the way I feel!" Every minute the fat male spoke his nonsense, was another minute Gregory came close to throttling him to death. "Listen! You will get what you need in a few days... now leave." The door to his office opened up, and Timothy knew that he should leave now.

    Once that situation was over, he told Lilith that he was about to go out for a quick lunch with some business partners and friends. "I will see you at home." He gave her a kiss, and closed his office door behind the both of them. Some people might think it was unprofessional to start dating your Secretary, and to also display it publicly like the way the two did, but he didn't care what others thought or felt. After saying a few more words to Lilith, Gregory, The Horseman Of War, headed off for lunch and maybe to get into some trouble as well, the usual.
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  9. medium_portrait.jpg
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀〈♦ CLINT MASTERS ♦〉▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    Representation: Virtue of Diligence
    Location: London, England (Earth): His Flat-His Clothing Store
    Mood: Busy/Energetic

    Outfit: Clint's Outfit
    Interaction(s): No One
    Mentioned: No One
    Tagged: No One


    Clint Masters had gotten up around 8 AM, the usual time he got up everyday, right on the dot. He was a busy man. Even before Diligence took him as a Vessel, Clint was always busy with his businesses. He was in the small office he had created in his Flat, he used it when he wasn't at his store or anywhere else. Clint's Flat was right across the street from his Clothing Store, Masters Wears, which was his baby and which gave him the most joy when it came to hard work and dedication. "It's going to be a long day... and I am ready for it." He was dressed in a casual outfit, not his usual style but even Diligence changed it up sometimes.

    After getting everything together in his Flat, he walked across the street and unlocked the door of Masters Wears. He took a moment to look the place over, getting straight to business. He started to fix things up that needed to be fixed, he opened the Employee Only Rooms, knowing that his loyal employees would be arriving soon. He isn't a hard Boss to deal with, it's just he loves to see ambition and initiative in the people around him.

    As his three loyal employees all walked into the building, he waved and smiled at them. "Good Morning everyone." One smiled, another waved, the last one rolled her eyes... just the normal way humans greeted one another, he was use to the girl rolling her eyes his way. "Hello to you too Jessica." He shook his head, getting back to setting everything up. Today was 50% Off on any purchase over 30$, so he knew that it would be a busy and hectic day, which would be perfect for him.
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  10. Annalise Vega
    New York, Apartment above 'Angelic' bar, 11:06

    To say the human form of sloth looked livid was an understatement. The second the sound of the door being opened broke her from her slow drift back to sleep her lips had curled into a disgusted snarl as fingers worked themselves tighter into the grip on her pillow as her eyes scrunched closed. It would be easy for her to fall asleep and ignore Ayalee but it wouldn't work in the long run. A grumble tore itself from her lips as she let her eyes flicker open, only to close again before flickering open once more.

    "Screw off Ayalee...To early."

    Annalise attempted to roll over and ignore the pest that was her friend but failed as her covers, then pillows, were violently taken from her. Green eyes narrowed dangerously as she shifted herself to sit up as a hand pressed against her forehead to dull the light pain that came from the loudness of the other. "Right...Right...I'm up..." She hissed before pulling herself to sit at the edge of her bed, glaring at Ayalee.

    Once Sloth had the strength to gather herself to her feet she walked over to her closest while cursing in whispers. Slamming the sliding frame open she grabbed some clothes at random before throwing them over onto her bed, only to turn her gaze onto the other in the room. "Right...You've won today, I have to check some stuff for the bar anyway so...well, Out." She demanded, pointing to the door lazily as a yawn caused her to shift. "I need to change and get ready."

    Once Ayalee was out, Annalise hurried to grab her clothes to change. There was a chance that she would come back if Annalise took to long, expecting the other to have gathered herself back into the cocoon of sheets and pillows. So as quickly as one could expect of Sloth, she had changed into the pair of black skinny jeans and dark blue tank top, throwing a chiffon button up shirt over it as she button up the middle three buttons. A pair of socks and black military heel styled boots later she had exited her room with a small huff.

    Tying her hair lazily into a ponytail at the back of her skull, stray curled wisps caressing her pale cheeks, Annalise pulled her phone from her pocket before making her way downstairs to the bar floor where she expected wrath herself would be. Flicking her screen on she checked through the notifications before pulling herself into a bar stool to work through them. Moments later she peered up, blinking curiously as she looked around for her friend who she had momentarily forgot existed.

  11. Evander Kasagi, The Seoul-Pyongyang Sprawl, Unified Korean State, Earth, 1:06 AM


    Stepping out of an alley and into the busy streets, Evander strode through the night, passing people going every which way. He felt a bit motion sick, as Hikigaeru's portals were not the most stable modes of transportation and the rides were always a bit rough. Nevertheless, he continued his way down the block, stopping every now and then to check out displayed merchandise in shop windows. A couple shiny items caught Greed's eye, but he ignored them. He wasn't looking for anything valuable this time; only for something unique. After walking around a bit more, he decided he should eat something.

    Turning down a couple side streets, Evander arrived at one of Seoul's popular food blocks; the Meogda District. A total of thirty-two blocks long, the Meogda District was incredibly popular for being one the largest central food areas in all of the Unified Korean State. Foods from all over the world were featured here, and it was impossible for even the pickiest of humans not to find something good to eat.

    Increasing his stride, Evander turned and headed into a small cafe. After ordering a coffee and a small croissant, he headed back outside and sat at one of the small coffee tables, propping his leg up as he began to people watch. He still had quite a few things he needed to take care of, but that didn't mean he couldn't take a small break to enjoy a simple treat.

    As Greed sipped his coffee in silence, a reoccurring thought came to the forefront of his mind. Ever since he'd arrived, he couldn't help but feel that something was a bit off, he just couldn't quite figure out what...
  12. Ayalee Hadraniel > Annalise Vega
    New York, Apartment above 'Angelic' bar, 11:10am

    "Right...You've won today, I have to check some stuff for the bar anyway so...well, Out."
    With a gleeful grin, Wrath skipped out of the room and gently pulled the door closed behind her. Her azure eyes peaked at the tray on the table in the hall and gasped in surprise.

    “Gah! I’m so stupid! How could I forget?!” She quickly scooped up the tray and rushed back to the kitchen as fast as she could without ruining her masterpiece. After placing the tray on the counter she dashed to the stove and turned on the burner before taking a pot and filled it with water. Aya set the pot on the burner and walked over to the pantry.
    “I believe this will put her in a better mood!” She smiled as she took some bags of tea and returned. She waited until the water boiled before pouring the water and the tea bags into a white tea pot. She gathered large matching tea cups and the small matching sugar holder and put them all on the tray before once again returning to Sloth’s room. She peaked in to make sure the woman didn’t pass out again, but found that the room was empty. She then started down to the bar when she heard her name.

    “Coming!” She called as she picked up her pace. When she saw Annalise sitting on the stool she dashed towards her and sat the tray in front of her.
    “BOOM! The best breakfast in the entire world is ready just for you!” She giggled as she poured the tea in both cups and pulled her own plate from the tray. She added several spoonful scoops of sugar to her tea and took a sip with a satisfied ‘ahh’.
    “I worked hard to make this, so you better enjoy it.” She playfully replied as she picked the first slice up and took a bite, completely pleased with the results. It wasn't the best thing she's made, but it was simple, healthy, and delicious; a perfect combination.
    “So, what are the plans for today?”
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