௸Fallen down the rabbit hole, it seems~. ❤

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  1. A-Ah, hello~. (ॢ ◡ ॢ)
    Uhh, what to say?...

    Well, my name is Alice, but you are welcome to call me by anything.
    (Alice will cry if it is a mean name, however, so no mean names please. ( ; へ ; ) )

    Umm, o-oh!
    I like almost all genres of roleplays; as long as I like the plot and character(s).
    However I seem to play many roleplays of these genres (they are not in any order);

    Other things I enjoy are video games (not picky with genre), reading, crafts, eating good food and napping.
    I like decorating things to my personal standard as well, hahah. (
    u ・ ) ~♫
    (So if you notice something from Alice, expect it to be over done with decorations. She apologizes in advance now. ( • u •) ; )

    That's about it, I think.
    Please take good care of Alice~! ( ◡ ‿ ◡ )
  2. Alice, down a rabbit hole you say...0.0
    It seems the same sort of thing has happened to so many of the members, it starts with just a curious look >.> and next thing we know the wonderful world of Iwaku has grown a little bit more.
    I hope you find much to decorate!
  3. Hello, Marianna~!
    It's a pleasure to meet you.

    Hehe, I see, so Alice is not the only one to be taken by curiosity.

    Thank you for your words as well.

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  4. Welcome to Iwaku Alice! You have such an adorable aura about you, I'm sure you'll be liked by many here :) I hope you'll be able to enjoy Iwaku as much as I do. You will be much cared for here. ^_^
  5. Welcome to Iwaku - we're all mad here, you know.

    Anyway, welcome to the site. Drop me a line if you need anything, or if you just fancy a chat.
  6. Wahh, thank you~!
    For the nice compliment and welcome! ( ; u ; )
    Alice hopes to see you around~.

    ✂ E - D -I -T -


    Ohh~, mad people do make the best chats. ♫
    Thank you for the welcome and offer~.
  7. Hallo Alice! Welcome to Iwaku! I am old, though, you might need to use larger font size so I don't have to lean so close to my screen to read! O_____O

    I like aaaaalll of the pretty decorations!
  8. O-Oh!
    I'm so sorry, I didn't even think about such!
    Alice is just a sucker for small, pretty fronts. ( ; u ; )
    Sorry Miss (Madam?) Diana.

    Also yay~!
    Pretty decorated posts~! (ノ ◕ ヮ ◕ )ノ *: ・゚✧✨