Fallen Angels

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  1. (It's only long because of pictures and spaces really. It's isn't that much to read.)

    There is a world up in the sky; just a world of myths and legends for humans. However this world most certainly exists. This world is called Caelum (Latin for heaven) where the almighty live with their servants the angels. These angels must do whatever the almighty ask.

    The angels: servants to their masters up in heaven; the almighty control them but what about the ones who fall.

    The fallen angels: They fell from the sky; clinging onto the first human they found, calling them their new masters

    This is the story of the lives of each human with their new angel. What will happen? Love? Pain? Will the almighty let this happen? Will they have to fight for freedom? It is up to you….


    Name:Connor Lakewood (TAKEN)
    Personality: Quiet but opens up to the people he loves.

    Name: Nolan Clouse (TAKEN)
    Age: 20
    Personality: Upbeat and friendly; although can get into some trouble sometimes. He seems more of a child than the masters younger than him

    Name: Leon Ambers (TAKEN)
    Age: 18
    Personality: Leon is smart but likes to be different than most; no trying to be a part of the in crowd but his own person.

    Fallen Angels:

    Name: Nova (TAKEN)
    Age: 18
    Personality: She is shy and quiet with not much emotion. However as she learns that all changes
    Ability: space magic

    Name: Sora (TAKEN)
    Age: 20
    Personality: She is smart; brave and doesn’t like to back down from anything
    Ability: dark magic

    Name: Rosella (TAKEN)
    Age: 19
    Personality: Rosella isn’t very bright; she has a lot of trouble doing things on her own but loves all creatures
    Ability: earth magic

    (If you decide to play one of the masters; pick an angel you want to be paired with. I am looking for 5 partners to play the other characters/unless you want to play more than one. I am playing Nova. I left their personality short because I wanted you to development your character the way you want as we role-play.)

    Hope you like it!
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  2. This sounds like so much fun~
    Would you mind if I be Rosella? :3
  3. Not at all! Go right ahead. :) I just edited the first post to say she's now taken.
  4. Yay~! ^u^
    Let me know when you're ready to play~
  5. May I take the role of Sora?
  6. Yeah. Now we just need people to play the masters.
  7. Hm......any villains to play?
  8. I never thought about it but if you want to play a villain you can be someone sent by the almighty to try and get the angels back or something. I'm fine with it.
  9. If need be, I don't mind playing two characters. I can play a master as well. Connor would be my first choice.
  10. Would you? :) That would be great! We can't really start without the masters. I was thinking about being one as well. Would you like to be Connor then. What angel do you pick to be his.
  11. I'm thinking Sora to be Connor's angel, but I really don't have a preference. I just flipped a coin XD
  12. That's fine . I honestly wasn't sure how to pair them anyway. I think I will be a master as well. I will be Nolan. I feel like he would go good with Rosella.

    We just need someone to be Leon now and we can start. :)
  13. Well Connor shall be my master then. :) *bows* Oh perhaps I should save the bow till the actual roleplay...hehe
  14. As soon as someone decides to play Leon we can start.
  15. Would it be okay with you if I played Leon?
    This sounds very interesting. ^^
  16. Yeah. Great. Your Angel is going to be Nova (which is me! :) ) It's the only one without any master yet. I'll go make the thread now!
  17. It's up in the fantasy section. :)
  18. Letting y'all know I edited my first post, so my angel is "active". And I hope no one minds, but I'm gonna do this so I don't have to keep scrolling up and down to see which person is connected to which character/angel. And color-coded. Whee, colors~

    ScarletNova's characters are:
    Nolan ( Rosella's master) and Nova ( Leon's angel)

    My characters are:
    Rosella ( Nolan's angel) and Connor ( Sora's master)

    alilycat's character is:
    Leon (Nova's master)

    xgirsrevengex's character is:
    Sora ( Connor's angel)
  19. That's perfectly fine. It does make it easier.